June 16th, 2013 in Opinion Rants

CORPORATIONS DO not pay taxes. Consumers do. Corporations pay to file their taxes but, the money comes from their customers.

IF WE GET AUDITED by the IRS and we line dance into the office, will all be forgiven?

OUR TIMES EDITOR characterized the mob who harassed U.S. Attorney Bill Killian as "Teabillies." She was wrong. They were a mob. They were "Teabullies."

IF THE FEDS could control illegal immigration to keep extremists out, they would not need our phone records. They can't enforce the Do Not Call List.

ENOUGH ABOUT Cee Lo! Surely there are more important and interesting things to report on.

HEY, WAKE UP, Chip. Hey, wake up, Joe. Cee Lo didn't go rogue. Riverbend went naïve.

RIVERBEND'S OFFICIAL new name: "Country/Christian Bend." Anyone not in that group save your money and go to Track 29 or Rhythm and Brews.

I WOULD LOVE to see the Lookouts play baseball but not in Skin Cancer Stadium. No shade anywhere. What were they thinking?

ARE THERE ANY drivers out there who know that a YIELD sign means that you DO NOT have the right of way?

IF YOU LIVE in this country, and you work in this country, learn our language. We don't need to learn yours.

THE CURRENT administration is the most corrupt in U.S. history and reminds me of a third world country's government. Impeachment is in order!