June 23rd, 2013 in Opinion Rants

TO THE PERSON who suggested that we impeach President Obama, I have two words to scare you out of that idea: President Biden!

I NOTICED THAT Sarah Palin is back in the news. She must have gotten tired of looking at Russia from her front porch.

OUR GOVERNMENT gives free military weapons to civilians in foreign nations yet presses restrictions on our rights to purchase civilian firearms here.

IT IS TIME TO add to the "death and taxes" list: Spam email and Java Updates.

LAY OFF HUNDREDS of state employees and use a no bid contract to do their jobs... good friends of our governor?

RICK SMITH GETS to ask for a big raise. Governor Haslim stripped teachers of the right to even ask! Received 1.6 percent increase once in seven years.

YOU START FINING Allen Casey by the day, and watch how quick he moves his trash heap off the river.

DOCTORS IN Chattanooga have not yet learned that you don't get sick by appointment. Retail clinics with same-day service are great and needed.

BULLYING IN OUR schools must be stopped and is being addressed. Bullying on our roads must be stopped and is not being addressed enough.

TALK ABOUT HATE groups! Read letters to the editor from Democrats. They spew pure hate.

WHAT IS THE difference between a KKK rally and a tea party meeting? Robes.