June 30th, 2013 in Opinion Rants

I DON'T UNDERSTAND the Supreme Court. At a time when Southern states are passing laws to exclude voters, why wouldn't they still need oversight?

OBAMACARE WILL destroy our already irresponsibly managed nation by facilitating the gluttonous, the unscrupulous and the illegals.

CORKER WAS against amnesty before he was for it. Guess he likes high unemployment, low wages and big campaign contributions. Needs to go in 2018.

TO PAULA DEEN'S boo birds: How many times does she need to apologize? Reverend Jackson never apologized for his "Hymietown" comment.

I WORKED FOR the same worldwide company for 30 years. Every day I thanked my company for my salary. And my union for its size.

I AM SICK THAT 35 horses burned to death in a barn fire. Get a sprinkler system.

DOCTORS TAKE care of the body. Teachers take care of the mind, which is surely as important. But look at the income disparity.

NO WORKS COUNCIL, no VW growth, huh? And what is the German word for "extortion"?

IF YOU LIKED the tea party and KKK joke, here's another one: What's the difference between Democrats and terrorists? You can reason with a terrorist.

WHY DID THE chicken cross the road? So she could live in Chattanooga!

WHY ARE GAYS hell bent on forcing Boy Scouts to accept their practices? Why not form their own organization?