March 3rd, 2013 in Opinion Rants

NOT EVERYONE has a computer to read the paper or cares to. TV doesn't tell all the news. We love the paper. Best in nation.

AFTER MRS. BIDEN has blindly fired both barrels into the night and the shotgun is empty, I wonder what happens then?

MY OPINION IS nonpartisan, but I really prefer Michelle Obama's bangs over Chuck Fleischmann's!

THE MEDIA ARE hyper-ventilating about Obama's golf outing with Tiger but are unconcerned about where he was during the terrorists' attack on our embassy.

PITY THE POOR Walmart shopper whose monthly income was cut by $260 due to payroll tax hike. That's an annual household income of $156,000!

TENNESSEE REPUBLICANS, keep your cold-hearted hands off Medicare!

IN THIS DAY of emails and texting, why is Congress in recess? There is no need to go home and "talk to the constituents."

WHY ARE Republicans against Chuck Hagel, a Republican? Why, because Hagel is an independent thinker, not controlled by big oil and the military/industrial complex!

WHEN GEORGIA learns how much it will cost to pump 1.5 billion gallons of water per day into their state, they will seek other sources.

WHAT DO HAMILTON County taxpayers get for the $600,000 paid to Erlanger's CEO that is worth more than our U.S. president does for $400,000?

WHAT'S WRONG with this picture? College football coaches being paid millions while teachers of grades 1-12 have to pay for the supplies for their students!