March 10th, 2013 in Opinion Rants

IF YOU AGREE with Sheriff Hammond that the crime issues are due to fear and insecurities associated with having a black president - you might be a redneck!

IT'S NOT THE president's skin color that matters to most people; it's the rhetoric he espouses that pits one group against another.

AFTER VIEWING the beating of a man by two of Chattanooga's finest, the grand jury failed to indict. Prison time needed for policemen and jury.

WHY CAN'T OUR lawmakers act like Americans instead of little children refusing to work together because their party did not win the presidency?

REP. STEVE COHEN says nobody gets by on less than $20 for lunch in Washington. No wonder the government has a spending problem.

THIS "SEQUESTRATION" is the equivalent of taking the coins out of your pocket and putting them in a jar on your dresser.

SEQUESTRATION will not reduce government spending but rather it will only reduce the rate of increase in government spending. Only Washington calls that a cut.

GERALD MCCORMICK is sponsoring a bill to eliminate the Lifeline program because "poor people ... all have cell phones now." What about the elderly poor?

WHY ARE WE not hearing about Heathington's and Satterfield's "sins of the fathers"? Andy Berke's not the only one with family he doesn't control.

ANDY BERKE WANTED us to elect him mayor before he would tell us his plans for the city. Typical politician -- thinks we all are stupid!

HEY, COMMISSIONER BECK, how about you stop calling your constituents "sheep" and "gullible citizens" and start performing their will; the constituent is your shepherd.