March 24th, 2013 in Opinion Rants

VW UNIONS will mean a higher sale price for Passats and less money in workers' pockets, as in dues.

GOVERNMENT SPENDING up 40 percent under Obama. Even with sequester cuts, government still provided same services last year with less money. What's the deal?

RNC EFFORTS to reach out to minorities should be interesting. What will they say? "Please like us, even as we pull funding to programs?"

IF CLAY BENNETT wants to do a political cartoon using drones, he couldn't have a better model than the typical Democrat voter.

A REPUBLICAN congressman changes his view on gay marriage because his son is gay. More of them should have sons who are hungry and poor.

MAYBE, WHEN fracking for gas in Northern Georgia, they will find water! Priceless!

WHY IS THE Tennessee Legislature so concerned about laws requiring that motorcycle riders wear helmets? Most state legislators are brain dead already.

WE HAVE GUNS in our parking lots but no wine in our grocery stores. Thanks, Mr. Haslam.

DAVID COOK is spot on! The only thing America loves more than war is guns! Which country is next? Syria? Iran? Time will tell.

IF WE FIRE coaches for losing, why don't we do the same for government officials, including police chiefs?

WELCOME TO Chicagonooga!

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