May 5th, 2013 in Opinion Rants

THIS IS AMERICA. If a man wants to smoke a joint or pick up a hooker, it's none of the government's business!

LEGISLATORS WHO exempt themselves or staff from Obamacare are cheaters and frauds who have betrayed their trust and sacred honor (if they ever had any)!

OUR GOVERNMENT needs to help Mexico ease into the 21st century and that would alleviate the immigration problem.

AH, YES. The yearly prostitution sting. Watch out video poker... you're next.

I AM SURROUNDED by nuclear plants. When there's a shooting at one of them, I don't need tight-lipped spokespersons. I need details.

IF GLOBAL WARMING was suspected of melting guns, everyone in the U.S. would be driving electric cars by month's end.

I VOTE WE make Chuck Fleischmann put his re-election headquarters in Allen Casey's barge if it is still there when the election rolls around.

HAMILTON COUNTY emissions testing $10 per car, annually, then an F in air quality? We need a Mayor Berke housecleaning in the county.

BOB DOAK HAS called our attention to the eyesore on the river. What about the five-story death trap eyesore next to Finley Stadium?

WHY IS THERE all this negative press about a union? Can't you print more positive opinions from actual workers instead of politicians?

I LOVE TO SEE local businesses displaying American flags, but the number which are tattered, torn and faded is dishonorable.