May 12th, 2013 in Opinion Rants

HOW MANY bicyclists must be killed before they are banned from public roads for their own safety?

REAGAN'S STATEMENT that government is the problem has become the foundation for all the disunity in the country. Pity our children and grandchildren!

WITH ALL THESE threats of flooding, thank God for the TVA, and cheaper than average electric bills, too. Socialism works after all!

HOW CAN WE expect the government to enforce sanctions against Iran, immigration laws and Obamacare when they can't even enforce the "Do Not Call" list?

DEMOCRATS IN Rhea County must be hysterically happy as Republicans get rid of one Republican incumbent after another.

BUSH LIBRARY RANT: Mr. Bennett, 22 million humans died in the Holocaust - your "cartoon" - not funny.

BENGHAZI, THAT'S old news. Is this all you have to report on daily? How is your "Stop the Obama express working out?"

COULD REPUBLIC PARKING put a security camera in the Bijou parking garage to deter crime, please.

NOTE TO FORREST PRESTON: Hopefully, you will learn a lesson from Life Care's fraud trial. Even you are not above the law.

COULD SOMEONE please have a fundraiser in town that doesn't involve alcohol!

THERE SHOULD be a third choice available for the daily newspaper poll: Who cares?