May 19th, 2013 in Opinion Rants

WE HAD A SEND-OFF for Jerry Garcia on the Walnut Street bridge. The police took pictures. Hey, tea party, welcome to our world!

ALTHOUGH WE know that Obama is a born "politician," trumpeting a trillion-dollar tax increase as a tax cut is really a stunning whopper!

PRESIDENT OBAMA refuses to keep his promise to close the "detention center" at Guantanamo Bay, where suspects have been illegally imprisoned for years without trial.

IF YOU THINK insurance companies should pay for gene screening for breast cancer, then you approve of preventive care and, therefore, Obamacare!

WHEN CORKER "raised his eyebrows" and "shrugged his shoulders," he was saying "I could care less." Cake anyone?

AGE 26 IS STILL a child and they stay on their parents' Insurance, but 15-year-old girls may purchase the morning-after pill without parental consent?

PEOPLE WHO avoid paying sales tax have no right to complain about pot-holed roads, leaky school buildings, or understaffed police departments.

WHAT DIFFERENCE does it make what the level to be considered drunk is if the drunks are not kept off the streets after conviction?

ONE THING WE know: Don't criticize Signal Mountain. They are above reproach. Sad to see the numbers of female mug shots.

THE PARKING AUTHORITY could add more revenue by patrolling Sixth Street at U.S. 27 and catch the BCBST employees smoking in their cars!

IS THERE ANY eating establishment in Chattanooga where you can avoid loud, uncivilized, undisciplined children and their equally unconcerned parents?