May 26th, 2013 in Opinion Rants

OBAMA STATES, "Companies raise your wages." One thousand-employee company raises wages for 700 employees, lays off 300. Basic economics! Obama still doesn't get it.

CHATTANOOGA TEA PARTY, a social welfare organization? It doesn't even serve tea with its politics.

THE TEA PARTY is to blame for the IRS scrutiny scandal? Isn't that what the rapist told the judge? "She was askin' for it!"

CLAY BENNETT'S May 22 cartoon seems concerned that sequestration slows disaster relief. I suggest Bennett donate his time and earnings to Moore, OK.

CLAY BENNETT, I love your cartoons! Especially the ones that ruffle feathers! Keep them coming!

CHICKEN FEED attracts mice and rats. Chattanooga, are you prepared for that? Also, chicken droppings are foul smelling.

PEOPLE CAN LIVE anywhere they wish as long as chickens don't complain or squawk about it.

THOSE WHO ARE harping about what happened in Benghazi where we lost four Americans... where were they before we lost 4,000 in Iraq? Politics?

RON HART IS on a roll, I love his wit and humor. Sometimes Washington is such that you have to laugh so you won't cry.

CLEAN UP FORT O. Shut down pot-stirring gossips. The louder they talk, the worse we look. For them, it is all about money and power.

THE UTC AD has done a great job with new hires for basketball, but UTC is more than one year out of Title IX compliance.