November 3rd, 2013 in Opinion Rants

Obama, you really screwed up by spying on our allies. Who are you going to turn to when you need some help?

So the Affordable Care Act is "the law of the land" and shouldn't be repealed. Slavery was once "the law of the land" also.

To the Republican Congress complaining about Obamacare: Get to work instead of running to the nearest RV camera.

This fake crisis over Obamacare's rollout is hilarious: Try calling your own, un-Obamacized health insurer lately. Make sure you allow two or three hours!

How perfect for today's song from the musical 1776: "Twiddle twaddle" about Congress. It never changes.

If the UAW builds such great cars, why don't they start an auto plant instead of infiltrating and leeching a successful one?

When people pass on your right, you are too slow. "Slower traffic keep right" signs are for a reason! You are making the roads dangerous!

I've lived in four states, Chattanooga has the worst bunch of rubbernecker's. Stop staring at a traffic ticket and just go!

After three and a half years to get Obamacare ready to roll out, Bennett's cartoon blaming it on Republicans is what Harry Truman would call manure.

Throw the Bums Out Movement: Whether you vote Republican or Democratic, continue to do so if you must, but do not vote for the incumbent.

In updating the Times Free Press, please consider a new folding machine and stapler for Chattanooga Now and the TV Times.