November 24th, 2013 in Opinion Rants

People who get food stamps are branded as "takers." A million of our veterans get food stamps. Are they takers?

"I'm sorry, so sorry. Please accept my apology." That is the Democrat theme song. When are we going to quit electing so many sorry people?

Now that the Chattanooga City Council has sanctioned perversion, the logical next step is to change the city's name from Chattanooga to Sodom-Gomorrah.

I strongly suggest that local news stop characterizing bigots as activists.

Should law enforcement protect street preachers? Without a doubt. What do you think the First Amendment is all about? Free speech.

Shame on UTC for allowing hate speech and police brutality on campus. Your students pay a lot to attend.

The "L" in Ooltewah isn't silent. Pronounce it.

Dear NAACP, about the recent roundup: The only people putting a negative light on the black community are the black people breaking the law.

Sadly, football is number one and education is number two in Marion County. Consolidate the high schools and better educate our children.

Attorney Poston is right: The "Stand Your Ground" law can be custom fit to justify any shooting.

Hope you are not paying much for the inane comic strip that replaced our beloved Judge Parker.