October 6th, 2013 in Opinion Rants

Government shuts down, stock market goes up. Is there a message here?

One good thing about the federal government shutdown is that the IRS thieves are powerless to pilfer citizen's hard earned wages throughout it!

Eight hundred thousand "non-essential" federal government employees were told to not report for work today. If they're non-essential why do they have a job?

A government shutdown should include air traffic controllers, Homeland Security, food inspectors, border patrol and Congress.

Obamacare is "taxation without representation!" If Obamacare is so great, why are Obama, Supreme Court justices, members of Congress and many other government employees exempted?

What will make the Republicans angrier, if Obamacare is bad, or it actually helps the country after all the scare tactics?

Employees want UAW; employees don't want UAW. Welcome to Tennessee politics, VW.

After the actions of these outlaw police officers, try convincing your children that the police in Chattanooga are their friends.

Football and religion: two undeniable causes of brain damage.

We kick out God and then gripe about weather, sickness, gangs, corruption, hatred, whatever your choice. Well, duh!

The regulation requiring that TV commercials not be louder than programs must be unenforced by the same bureaucrats who unenforced the do-not-call lists!