October 13th, 2013 in Opinion Rants

CONGRESS SHUTS down government, and families of fallen soldiers can't receive compensation for burials; yet, the House gymnasium remains open at taxpayer expense? Disgraceful!

BARACK OBAMA is the most non-essential of all federal employees.

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, but we will vote the same people back into office. We are to blame.

AT OUR NEXT election remember to vote for a new group of "kids" to run our government. This group are spoiled brats.

THE UNITED STATES has so much debt that default is inevitable. Might as well get it over with.

IT'S BAD WHEN we see more of Chuck Fleischmann on "The Daily Show" than back here in the district.

YOU KNOW, I bet a lot of these "brand new" Alabama fans have Florida Tebow jerseys hanging in their closets.

IF THESE POLICEMEN are reinstated no one in Chattanooga will be safe.

OOPS, LOOKS LIKE the Lane train derailed in those greener pastures of Southern California.

TO THE WOMAN who said last week, "Get rid of Republicans and you get rid of poverty," Google "Detroit." Google "Chicago."

CHRIS ANDERSON should stick with the job he was elected to do and leave his personal issues out of it.