September 22nd, 2013 in Opinion Rants

MR. PRESIDENT, please set the record straight. Was the Syria agreement a snow job or Snowden job?

A PEN IN Obama's hand is far more dangerous than a gun in the hands of lawful citizens.

THE BLAME GAME is on! Blame all your health/insurance woes on Obamacare, including toe fungus, learning dysfunction and hang nails.

WE COULD FACE a government shutdown on Oct. 1? I thought Congress was already shut down.

POWER CORRUPTS. UAW, other unions crave power. Observed first-hand at now-closed plants. 'Nuff said.

CORKER AND HASLAM'S anti-worker meddling in VW's business is undermining Chattanooga's effort to get the new VW SUV being built here.

THE MAMMOTH steel crosses (estimated cost $700,000) that were erected on I-75 make me wonder: monuments to God or monuments to man?

YOUR MULTIMILLION-DOLLAR press upgrade should include spell-check. It is Corker, not Coker. If EPB is giving something away, it is "complimentary," not "complementary."

IF THE MAYOR thinks the Delta Queen is an eyesore, what does he think the dilapidated, half-sunk barge downstream is?

TEACH A MAN to fish, feed him for life. Give him a fish, he's a slave to government for life.

WHAT A CONTRAST in Sunday's (Sept. 15) paper. A great article by Thomas Sowell and a meaningless cartoon by Bennett.