September 29th, 2013 in Opinion Rants

THE WHITE AMERICAN Al-Shabaab terrorist says jihad that kills defenseless women and children is fun. May Allah not have mercy on your decrepit soul!

IF EISENHOWER had let Patton keep rolling into Russia like Patton wanted, we would have no Syrian problem.

WESTON, I LIKE the way you think.

TELL THE "non-believer" that if he does not like the crosses on I-75, just stay in Monteagle.

HORSE 'N' BUGGY: USPS, wake up! Close on Saturdays; nobody does "business" necessitating postal service on Saturdays!

HOW MUCH interest income did the school board make sitting on $3.8 million in teachers' wages for a couple of days?

OOLTEWAH HAS enough gas stations and apartments. Can't we have some nice restaurants instead of having to go to Cleveland or Hamilton Place to eat?

MOST RIVERWALK users do not follow safety procedures; when passing anyone, shout out "on your left" or use bell to warn anyone you are passing!

IRRESPONSIBLE TFP photo, City front page (Sept. 22), showing bicycle riders without helmets.

I WISH THOSE retired CIA agents from "Argo" had come to raise funds for the Chattanooga Theatre Centre! Ben Affleck would approve!

IS WTCI ever going to get back to regular PBS programming? Or continue with a permanent beg-a-thon? Bring back "Washington Week in Review."