April 20th, 2014 in Opinion Rants

We all know that the neck turns the head. Right? Obama is the head, and Harry Reid is the neck. Get it?

Mr. Fleischmann, barge owners are begging to help with the lock's repair costs. Why aren't you embracing that?

Let's call the legislature's efforts to bail on Common Core principles "Keep Tennessee Dumb and Behind."

The Hamilton County employee who was in charge of collecting the liquor drink tax from the city of Chattanooga since 1998 should be fired.

At least Fred Skillern does not waste the taxpayers' money. He is very conservative with the money in his discretionary fund.

Someone with some authority needs to keep the Nazis from turning our city into their platform.

Hope all the people that signed Cuonzo's petition are happy. Maybe we'll see the Vols in the Sweet 16 next year.

The only program that rivals Obamacare/ACA in its success is the Do Not Call Registry!

Thanks to the volunteers who cleaned the graffiti. However, it should have been done by the punks in jail.

If my wife and I borrowed money every month to keep our house going, it wouldn't be long until our house would be gone.

Why doesn't your gifted editorial cartoonist alternate between the left and right editorial pages? C'mon, Clay, show us how talented you are.