April 27th, 2014 in Opinion Rants

Flight MH370: How much longer will we be kept in the dark about what really happened to this plane? If it looks like a cover-up ...

Fifty votes to repeal Obamacare could've been 50 votes for jobs, infrastructure funding, college cost help and minimum wage. C'mon, Republicans.

Liberals, the climate is not exactly the same as it was in the 1970s, so get over it.

Fleischmann says Chickamauga Lock is fourth on the federal funding list. Republicans, where on the list are the billions in tax avoidance?

Just so you understand, it would cost Tennessee nothing to expand Medicaid, but yet it's not being done only because of ideology. Shameful.

Shame on both the Bradley County deputy who shot the dog and Cleveland animal control for not sending emergency backup, even outside city limits.

Who on earth needs a gun to attend church? Just ANOTHER reason to stay out of Georgia.

Used to be OMG was primarily heard in praise and prayer to God. What will it take to bring people back to praise and prayer? I hope the forces of the universe make Robin Smith poor someday so she may better understand the challenges of those who live disadvantaged lives.

Thank you, Mr. Berke, for your vision and your worthy achievements. Very best wishes in your continued efforts to make Chattanooga better.

Be careful how you vote. That's how the Nazi Party came to power in the 30s.