The Rant

The Rant

August 24th, 2014 in Opinion Rants

Thank the Lord that Ferguson, Mo., isn't an open-carry city.

Eric Holder is going to Ferguson. Building on his knowledge from Fast and Furious, is he taking free automatic weapons to the looters?

I read of militarized police and record numbers of illegal gun seizures with a culture of snitches-get-stitches. Coincidence?

If the shooting victims will not cooperate, tell them maybe the hospital will not cooperate in patching them up.

Rhonda Thurman says she needs a few months to learn any job. Attorney? Heart surgeon? Endodontist? Architect? Airline pilot? Her ego knows no bounds.

While watching local politics, I've only seen Rhonda Thurman and Basil Marceaux lose an election and come out looking like a movie star.

One final way to rid ourselves of Chuck, vote Democrat. I plan to do just that!

A deeply divided government is not dysfunctional. It is working as planned.

Buzz Franklin's name should be changed to Zzzz Franklin. Apparently he sleeps a lot.

Here's a novel idea: If you object to getting a speeding ticket from cameras, don't speed. Speed limits apply to everyone.

Thanks, City Council, for reducing the proposed noise ordinance from a plane taking off to a herd of rhino pull toys thundering by my door.