February 9th, 2014 in Opinion Rants

It may be a bit cruel to run a photo of Peyton at the top of the front page the day after the Super Bowl.

I intend to buy two new vehicles over the next two years. They definitely won't be VWs if VW is in bed with the UAW.

Tubman, what a mess! Blind leading the blind, and the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing. Same old, same old.

When Chattanooga has snow, bring back Ron Littlefield and Steve Leach. They knew how to sand and plow our streets.

So Catanzaro thinks it's OK to break rules and jeopardize others to avoid being stuck in traffic? What a model for his students!

Stuck in gridlock traffic around Atlanta and no one is in control. Catanzaro takes action. Run for mayor, please!

One-and-a-half inches of snow results in three days of no school and two full days of news coverage. Oh, please!

Four pages about a snake-handling cult in the A section of the Sunday paper. Seriously? Oh, yes, we are in Tennessee.

As far as the snakes dragged out of the woods and handled in church or other foolery, well, I am rooting for the snakes.

I hope the trapped cave explorer reimbursed taxpayers for the cost of his rescue. It was his carelessness that he was rescued from.