February 16th, 2014 in Opinion Rants

Bennett's Sunday cartoon, vote union or division, is ironic because where there's a union, there's division: management and labor, no in between, always at odds.

Please, could more local yokels chime in to advise the second-largest car maker in the world about union dealings?

You don't have to join the union if it's voted in. This is a right-to-work state. You can not join and become a SCAB. Feel better?

DOJ Eric Holder wants convicted felons' voting rights restored? Sure, he expects to be one soon, and he wants his vote to count.

Russia has 13 percent flat tax, no capital gains tax. Who are the Communists again, comrades?

Only one Republican in the United States could best Hillary in 2016. No, it's not Christie. No, I won't tell you who it is.

If carrying concealed guns is good for churches and bars, why not the legislative chambers?

The "L" in Ooltewah isn't silent. Also, the area between roadways is a "median" not "medium."

Atheists seeking acceptance in a community that doesn't even tolerate Democrats? They must be kidding!

A five-year-old with a box of crayons could draw a better traffic plan than the one TDOT idiots devised for Signal Mountain.

Nice new look inside our airport, but they didn't add electrical outlets in waiting areas. Added in new bar; none in waiting areas. Poor planning.