February 23rd, 2014 in Opinion Rants

Speaker Beth Harwell said the Tennessee Legislature is pro Second Amendment. Then why can't I carry a gun into the buildings where the legislators work?

Kudos to Mayor Berke for putting jobs before politics. Will threats to withdraw incentives and accusations Volkswagen is "un-American" hurt jobs? Time will tell.

Congratulations to Haslam, Ramsey, Watson, and Corker for defeating the UAW and opening the door for more corporate welfare.

A vote against UAW is not a vote against unions.

I bought a UAW-built VW in the 1980s. It was junk. It seriously lacked quality manufactured craftsmanship. I haven't owned another VW since.

So proud this community stood for independence. Sad so many "sheeple" voted for the union, a true sign independence is in danger in Tennessee.

A billion gallons of water a day ... why didn't they plan for Atlanta's growth? How would this affect down stream cities on the Tennessee River?

Every time we have snow and ice, why is it like rednecks on ice -- dimwits driving 70 mph and then slamming on their brakes.

Shame on you for complaining about not being able to keep your taxpayer-subsidized heat at 75 degrees. Pay your own heating bill.

I pay for SiriusXM satellite radio. No commercials. I pay for TV, two minutes of programming and 10 minutes of commercials. Something's wrong with this picture.

Professional football players have been arrested for violent felonies and you're worried about a gay player in the locker room? He represents an upgrade.