January 5th, 2014 in Opinion Rants

When speaking about the calendar year please stop saying two thousand and fourteen - it's twenty fourteen.

The private health insurance companies are the ones raising the health insurance premiums, not the government. Profits, profits, profits and not health care.

Since I subsidize health care for people who eat junk, why not raise taxes on junk food to curb consumption like Latin America does?

America fought and won WWII quicker than the Obama administration could build a web site.

Seniors were taxed to pay for their Medicare so-called entitlement! The money was stolen by Congress to spend elsewhere.

Polls rate the 2013 Congress worst ever. Congratulations Desjarlais and Graves; by shutting down the government, you did your part.

DesJarlais wants to create a record of how he wishes he'd acted, not run on what he's done in the past.

Jesse Jackson, who fathered an illegitimate child, is the last person on earth to judge Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty. Hypocrisy rules on the left.

So tired of seeing religion hijacked by hatred and fundamentalism. Whatever happened to compassion and mutual respect? Is there no more value in peace?

School-leaving job skills would be improved in this area if more emphasis was placed on education and less on football.

Procrastinators got nothing in their stockings. You knew Christmas was coming 365 days ago so don't blame UPS and FedEx.