January 26th, 2014 in Opinion Rants

Wasn't sure who to root for in the Super Bowl until Sherman opened his mouth at the end of the game. Go Broncos!

Nashville must have legalized pot-smoking while nobody noticed. How else can you explain the antics of the clowns in our state legislature?

A Facebook posting is a felony? Do all Marion County deputies lie when questioned about an assault on a bike rider or just the sheriff?

Do Hamilton County students ever attend school for three consecutive weeks? Breaks and holidays are the rule.

If your parking meter runs out for five minutes, you get an $11 ticket. Parking downtown is a nightmare and hurts business!

Setting a thermostat at 70 F overnight is hugely wasteful. Try 55 F at night and get a couple of blankets or a down comforter.

Wow, another watered-down hick in a cowboy hat coming to Riverbend. Way to progress.

True southerners don't worry. The D.C. liberals will collapse this country and walk away. Then we'll have our country, the Southern States of America.

Please, TV and print journalists, the word for damaged water pipes is "burst," not "busted."

Why are all the replies to every opinion section made by liberal atheists? Because they have the time to do so. Think about it.

All you millennials who reelected Obama, drink the Kool-Aid and buy Obamacare. Put your money where your mouth is. Spread your wealth.