June 1st, 2014 in Opinion Rants

I stopped listening to scientists when they sold out to UN politicians, pharmaceutical companies and corporations.

VA medical care appropriation for the current fiscal year is $54.6 billion, more than $10 billion more than four years ago. Not a funding issue!

I'm tired of hearing about shooting rampages. Want to impress me? Write about the public hanging of the shooters. In detail.

It's a sad day when the average person in America knows more about Kim and Kanye's wedding than they do about what happened in Benghazi!

A washed-up jam band, no-name country singers, two washed-up rock bands. Welcome to another Riverbend. People of Chattanooga deserve more.

It's a wonderful life? What was once George Bailey's America has become Harry Potter's America. We are going down.

Anyone who plays Candy Crush should know that computer- generated lottery numbers won't be completely random.

Fort Oglethorpe has nice street lamp posts lining Battlefield Parkway. Why is it that over 120 of them do not work?

Shame that companies who can afford huge bonuses for their CEO's don't give some of that profit as bonuses to those employees averaging much less.

Political correctness has finally killed freedom of speech. The NSA has thrown out any vestige of privacy. Missing from the help wanted ads are the administrative jobs and the professional jobs. Where are those jobs?