June 15th, 2014 in Opinion Rants

Looks like the Obama administration has found another way to keep a campaign promise to empty Gitmo.

Ron Hart hit the nail on the head about the VA - all the union workers think about each day is where they are going to lunch.

Obama never leaves our men and women behind unless they're in Benghazi, a Mexican prison, on border patrol or on a VA list!

Weston Wamp wants Bergdahl investigated? This from a politician's son who never thought of visiting an Army recruiter.

Rep. Fleischmann may be a well-educated attorney, but he is not educated about the health insurance needs of uninsured people.

Hamilton County needs a mental health court so judges have a place to send suspects who are more unbalanced, not criminal.

A cathedral on the bog where students attending the Harvard of the South can find solace. Is Catanzaro delusional? Is he erecting his memorial?

Walmart's CEO makes $12,000 an hour. Walmart employees make $7.25 an hour. Even if you're pro business, that has to make you a little uncomfortable.

Remember the impending Ice Age predicted by these same environmentalists during the mid-1970s? Still waiting on that.

By the way, it's an anti-Christ, not the anti-Christ. Please learn how to read and discern.

The article "Threats to Our Forests" missed one worse than any named: bulldozers. They're in every state and kill every kind of tree.