June 29th, 2014 in Opinion Rants

Abolish the IRS! Americans, it is time for a flat tax. Demand it.

Sen. Corker, maybe you could consider eliminating subsidies to billion dollar oil corporations before raising gas taxes to fix our highways.

How can the oil companies justify raising gas prices 30 cents in one day and sleep at night?

All park rangers need to start dancing on the job. What will Public Works do then?

Bad drivers are a local plague. The new chief should ignore the whiners over fee-grabbing and push ahead with speed cameras. They work.

Surely if Walker County can budget almost $15,000 to train a dog, it could find another $850 for a protective vest.

There must be more important things to spend time, money and publicity on than murals painted on the side of old buildings.

Chattanooga should paint over the 20-20 vision mural on Riverfront Drive. It is obviously an advertisement for an optometrist.

Guns aren't the problem. The mindset of individuals, created by playing violent video games and being programed by them, is.

Sohn's June 24 editorial: "Don't live long enough to need long-term care." ObamaCare will fulfill that requirement.

No military aid to Iraq unless it pays $20 per barrel of oil and $1.7 trillion, in cash, in advance.