March 2nd, 2014 in Opinion Rants

How dare VW try to run its business the way it sees fit without political interference! Who do they think they are?

UAW vote -- What was the biggest outside influence: Detroit or Sen. Bob Corker, a former Chattanooga mayor?

Significant "p" words -- politicians: protect poor people, too, not just party or profits. Pretty please!

I guess I missed the passage in the Bible where Jesus said, "Go ye forth and be mean to gay people." Real Christians aren't bigots.

Need aluminum cans, plastic bottles, paper? Come to Catoosa County; the roadsides are full! Just keep throwing it out the window!

Do we really want to go out all winter in the dark? Wait, our elected officials are already there.

The Earth is estimated to be four to five billion years old. Can the Democrats tell us what the normal temperature of the Earth should be?

The media has made us red states and blue states, and hate has made your churches red and blue churches.

North Chattanooga residents: the leash law applies to your pets, too!

What is the difference between our high beams (illegal) and the new extra bright lights that some newer cars have? They are equally blinding.

People with some faith can handle snakes. People with real faith can handle brown recluse or black widow spiders.