The Rant

The Rant

March 23rd, 2014 in Opinion Rants

Putin: Don't take it personally. Don't take it seriously. We don't mean anything we say anymore from the White House.

Tennessee does not need a visit from the circus. We have plenty of clowns in the state legislature to keep us entertained.

If corporations are persons, CCA has to be the most soul-less person in history. Shackling a nonviolent female in labor is barbaric.

It is scary to think that all Bradley County has to offer for the sheriffs race are Jim Ruth and Eric Watson.

So does UGA stand for U Got Arrested?

Sex Week is six days. UT students need to learn about seven before they learn about sex.

Evolution is just a theory. Of course, so is gravity.

After many months, where is the audit report the city requested of the McKamey Animal Center?

Tennessee Whiskey should be bottled in Tennessee in addition to being fermented, aged, mellowed and stored in Tennessee.

Letter writer accuses Clay Bennett of fomenting controversy. Isn't that why political cartoons are on the opinion page instead of the comics?