The Rant

The Rant

March 30th, 2014 in Opinion Rants

As a taxpayer, I fear Republicans and Democrats more than I fear Putin.

Wamp purchases a $37,000 RV and leases it to the campaign. To me, that's leasing it back to himself. Totally ridiculous!

Don't want to sell union-infested TVA? Let's not be a hypocrite, Bob.

Chattanooga Council Chairman Yusuf Hakeem needs to work on his reading comprehension skills if he really thinks Blythe Bailey's very mild email disrespected him.

Hamilton County residents have to pay for public library access, while each county commissioner gets extremely generous personal slush funds. Business as usual, gentlemen?

Chattanooga Housing Authority has lost sight of its mission: provide housing for low-income people and advocate for affordable housing.

Well, if you can't build a high-performing school like CSLA a new building, can you at least give them hot water?

Georgia lawmakers didn't have time to pass a bill giving medicine to autistic children but approved guns in churches. They must be so proud.

Joan Jett? Awesome! Now let's get KZ106 to play more than just one of her songs.

If it wasn't for the Tea party, Republicans or anything right of center, Clay Bennett would have no material. He is so creative and imaginative.

Your Free Press editor criticizes Michelle Obama's trip. Did he also criticize the 43 trips, 73 countries visited and 229 days away for Laura Bush?