The Rant

The Rant

May 4th, 2014 in Opinion Rants

Reagan is still a better President dead than Obama is alive.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's greatest achievement: Benghazi cover-up. Period.

I couldn't care less what the Catholic cult is up to. Please stop covering them.

Way to go, Chattanooga! Way to go, neo-Nazis, with tails tucked between your legs. You chose the wrong city to spread your message of hate.

I say three cheers for Rev. Jesse Jackson for recommending being wise, not violent. Has he been reincarnated?

Neo-Nazis remind me that I'm not the most stupid person on Earth! May God forgive them for their ignorance.

If you think you are a Christian and you don't recycle, then you are not a Christian.

Type 2 diabetes has doubled in the 20 years our food industry has been adding sugar to 80 percent of processed foods. Read the ingredients lists.

EPB, stop adding on fees that make it financially prohibitive to put in energy-saving street lights just because less power use means less profit.

Why don't you all leave Chris Anderson alone? He has the potential to do good things.

Chuck, for the love of Pete, stop calling me. I'm a Democrat.