May 25th, 2014 in Opinion Rants

Only in government can you move an employee into retirement, hire a replacement and save money. Note: Public retirement plans are paid by taxpayers.

If you like what's happening with VA health care, you'll love the Affordable Health Care Act when it fully operates!

Benghazi! This year's finest GOP agenda. Where were they before we lost 4,000 Americans in Iraq?

What WILL Democrats and MSNBC do if the Koch Brothers decide not to run?

Bob Corker and his wealthy donors' stars are on the ascent. His working-stiff constituents, not so much.

Commissioner Skillern was not the loser in the May 6 election. We, the Hamilton County taxpayers, were the big losers.

What's the reason for people parking in fire lanes and no-parking zones: stupid, lazy or unable to read? Then, too, where's the enforcement?

Creating subsidized housing for artists while allowing destruction of public housing for working poor, disabled and elderly.

When I hear of one meteorologist walking to work and disconnecting his electricity, I will believe human activity is responsible for climate change.

$10.10 or $15. Lets just make it $100 and never buy anything produced in the USA again.

Is good grammar important to your career? Avoid using lay. Use put instead. Lay means to put or place. To lie is to recline.