The Rant

The Rant

August 27th, 2017 in Opinion Rants

North Korea is testing intercontinental missiles, and Donald Trump is building a wall. Boy, do I feel safe.

I am usually the first person to criticize Trump, but I thought his first comments on Charlottesville were sufficient.

We might expect members of the president's staff and Cabinet to be Americans first, Trump supporters second. Apparently not. Cowards one and all.

To the person who wrote the editorial and said we have an "Archie Bunker" in the White House: Well, that's better than the "meathead" we had before.

If Confederates had won, wonder how many Union army general statues up north would be up for removal?

Columnist Ron Hart tweeted, "At the rate they are taking down Robert E. Lee statues, my Washington and Lee alum buddies will have to repeat college."

Let's bring jobs back to America except for Mr. Trump's Signature clothing line and Ms. Trump's apparel.

It's time outsiders and secular news sources bug off from criticizing Dr. Stephen Livesay at Bryan College. He's staying and doing an outstanding job!

Never trust someone who can't admit a mistake.

So did we think that draining the swamp would be pretty, painless and without fallout? Hardly.

To the woman-bashing President Trump and Republicans: stock market indicative of major companies prospering. You may be employed by one of them.

Afghanistanization of the war sounds so much like Vietnamization. We know how that turned out.

What do the far right and the far left have in common? They have the same hate for someone not like them.

Avowed racists are not nearly the problem as those who think they are Christian without a racial-prejudice cell in their body but do.

The radical left is the American version of the Taliban when they destroy historic statues.

Sen. Corker says radical change needed in White House; I say radical change needed in U.S. Senate. Can't repeal Obamacare after seven years of promises.

Kudos to Corker for coming out from under the GOP cloak and calling out Trump. Can we turn up Lamar's volume now?

I'm proud of Bob Corker, and I'm a Democrat. He tells it like it is, and puts country before party.

Opinion page Aug. 18: identity politics vs. solid economic proposals. No wonder Republicans can't stop winning elections.

How long before someone decides to disconnect the city from our Cherokee heritage and attempts to remove memorials to the Trail of Tears?

Hey Andy, Chattanooga is a tourist destination with a Civil War heritage. Stop this business about the Confederate Cemetery.

I'm proud of my Southern heritage, but when my flag is flying for the same cause as a Nazi flag, it's time to get a new flag.

If Trump thinks the Confederate general statues are so beautiful, why doesn't he decorate his golf courses with the removed statues?

I am against removing statues because the Civil War is part of our history, and history is taught so that we don't repeat our mistakes.

After we tear down all the Confederate statues, let's dig up Confederate graves, close museums and burn history books! That should eliminate hate!

Let's erect monuments to the many anti-slavery heroes such as Sojourner Truth, Frederick Douglas, Harriet Tubman, David Walker, Henry Highland Garnet.

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