The Rant

The Rant

February 26th, 2017 in Opinion Rants

Wouldn't it be wonderful if all politicians would just answer the reporters' question as asked? You just can't get a straight answer from either party.

Trump said he would drain "The Swamp" and he did, straight into his administration. Sinatra had his "Rat Pack," and now Trump has his "Swamp Rats."

Three of my favorite words: Former President Obama.

Our president is focusing on illegal immigrants. What's the fuss? Have we become a lawless society?

Want a clearer insight into the president's marathon news conference? Google Caligula.

Trump says he is going to put more people to work. Could this be "building the wall?"

It seems the biggest critic of fake news is also the biggest source. Sweden? Fine-tuned machine? I know Putin well? His biggest mess is self-created.

I, for one, am hopeful that our president will deliver on health care and tax reform. Soon. The rest is just noise.

Trump's basic attitude is giving arrogance a bad name.

If Trump is doing so poorly, why is your 401k going up? Have you checked your statement lately?

Perhaps the media "fawned" over Obama because he treated them with respect. Trump respects no one.

Forget Donald Trump. We should be worried about Steve Bannon. That dude is scary. He is not America.

About the "sweep" bus in District 5: Refuse to let bus schedule determine school times. Teens sleep in, school out at 4. Why not?

President Trump's rallies show American freedom to the world. Wonderful. Wish all people could be as free.

What would have happened if the Dems had won instead of the GOP? Would we be screaming and crying like spoiled brats? No.

County Mayor Jim Coppinger should think twice if he ever again thinks county commissioners can be grown-ups in agreeing on projects for the wider community.

How can people assert that illegal aliens have constitutional rights but unborn U.S. citizens do not?

Flynn resigned because he lied. Does this mean President Trump is working on his own resignation letter?

Ever since Obama and Clinton have been gone, I have acquired a condition that can be best described as perpetual smile syndrome.

Comrade Trump! I am just saying Putin's BFF.

The person touting Trump's actions during his first week in office in a Feb. 19 rant omitted a few critical words: dumb and illegal.

Why has ABC network gone so liberal? From GMA to David Muir. Slanted national news. So sad.

It would be great if the TFP had factual, fair and balanced commentary. All we get is liberal bias and political opinions. Wake up.

Hamilton County Commissioner Tim Boyd is right to be a watchdog of county money, but perhaps one of the hands that feeds the county is not a good place to start.

Hey county commissioners: Suck it up and deal with school capital needs. It's why we elected you. Get a backbone.

Don't believe everything you hear on TV. Check it out. Don't repeat or spread "stories" you cannot vouch for. Come on, folks.

Smart move? Tell the gangs where the cameras are so they can go someplace else.

Delusion reigns!

Paralympian Melissa Stockwell's inspiration story (Wednesday TFP) at the Siskin dinner could be a lesson for all Americans right now.

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