The Rant

The Rant

January 8th, 2017 in Opinion Rants

Seriously, Bebe? You made $110,000 a year for 15 years and you're broke? At 77, it's time to stop living off the government teat.

So many jokes about Hillary Clinton's pantsuits. Women will continue to be scond-class citizens until it is accepted that they have a right to comfortable clothes — and shoes.

So many are talking about Trumps' inexperience but no one has mentioned how much experience Obama had. At least Trump has experience in managing a business.

EVERY baby born in Tennessee should be issued a lifetime gun permit and a carton of cigarettes. Are you listening Legislature?

Anyone who calls Obama a bad president after he brought us back from the Bush presidency disasters is either ignorant or just plain stupid.

Is "fake news" anything like "political spin"?

Vladimir Putin will get a key position in Trump's cabinet: Minister of Intelligence.

Most Trump voters don't want to hear that Russia helped elect Trump. Get over it. It happened.

New Year's wish: That Congress has the intestinal fortitude to tell the Emperor he has no clothes.

Let's just see how badly Republicans will lose in the midterms after they take health insurance away from 20 million people.

Hang tight, Democrats. We'll repeal their repeals when we're back in control which shouldn't be long. In the meantime, be the party of "no."

For something really important, write it out and have it delivered by courier. Like Ulysses Grant and Robert E. Lee did. Thanks, Donald.

This is the third superintendent search by an expensive search group. How did the other two times work out? Answer: not well.

County commissioners have proven — again — that they cannot get along, can't think about anything other than their own interests. Pathetic.

The Obama administration committed almost $40 billion over the next decade in military and foreign aid to Israel and their leadership trash talks the administration. Really?

The Gang Injuction is a joke: $50 fine or 30 days in jail. And we spent how much to come up with this "plan?"

In this supposedly enlightened age, why does the KKK even still exist?

Sounds like the school board does not want to cancel the Durham [bus] contract. Eight months should be time enough.

Vincent Patterson of Signal Mountain is 100 percent correct. We need vocational schools that teach skilled trades.

Benefits of no risk of being hit by stray bullet, no mall bathrooms smelling like Riverbend port-a-potty.

Adding early voting sites, really? I thought city elected officials liked low turnout — oh, unless they have opponents. Lame.

Bernie Sanders is the Democrats' best weapon against whatever Trump-Pence-Ryan try to shove down our throats. Let's FeeltheBern!

Choo Choo owners need to get the lighted sign fixed and relit. We need that landmark!

School tracks are wonderful, but how about using the $500,000 for some of the $200-plus million school maintenance projects that might affect learning?

Capitol Hill Republicans, be Democrats for once. Say to heck with what the other party says about you. Do what you know needs to be done.

Life Stories column by Mark Kennedy shows there are good people willing to help someone victimized by theft. Well done.

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