The Rant

The Rant

March 5th, 2017 in Opinion Rants

If George Soros paid us, we could have protested for the 16 years of Clinton and Obama. But, we worked, voted and won — both times.

Democrats, think for yourselves. Why have you been following the "paid protesters" who've been causing trouble since November? Surely you are better than that.

To anyone who thinks Trump can build a physical wall along the Mexican border, I have one question: Did it work for China?

Trump has flown to his vacation home every weekend. Heard for eight years the waste when Obama did it on occasion. Is it OK now?

Why do so many Trump supporters always have to explain what he says? I can figure it out myself.

Trump should recognize that being the leader of the USA requires a higher standard than being the leader on the top floor of Trump Tower.

Wow! Who knew independent school bus drivers could make upward of $80,000 a year? And they want a bonus and benefits? Wow.

Why do I not feel any safer when I hear Mr. Trump say that he is going to make us safer.

Google "General Criteria for Personality Disorder" for a description of our new commander and chief. Scary.

Lots of positive news coming out of City Hall in the weeks leading up to the election. Note to voters: Be skeptical.

Compare the number of people killed by "Islamic extremists" in America and those killed by gun violence. Make America safe again by strengthening gun laws.

All this talk of Russia trying to rig the election reminds me of President Obama's birth certificate ruckus. Lots of manure out there.

The current anti-Trump demonstrations are being compared to Tea Party protests. One big difference — these people aren't armed.

Political correctness is just addressing each other with courtesy and respect. Do we really want to become a nation that champions rudeness and disrespect?

I believe the national news media primarily consists of educated, intelligent professionals who present accurate information. I resent being told they are my enemy.

Why do we blame Mexico for our drug problem? It's Americans who buy and use the product.

There was not a single town hall meeting with our Tennessee congressmen. Cowards everyone.

Town Hall meeting at downtown library: 99 percent anti-Trump Democrats. No city official Democrats. What does that tell you?

Ron Hart's CNN comment on Tiger Woods' golf now: "Harrison Ford has hit more fairways than Tiger recently."

We taxpayers are tired of supporting "private schools" like CSLA. If people want their children in this type of school, enroll them in a real private school.

Putting money into charter schools is like taxpayer support of private schools.

UTC ARC: Will the 30-person hot-water spa ever be working again?

I hope we get to see the Freedom Caucus crushed over Obamacare replacement. Those knuckleheads are impediments to real solid reform.

Car insurance companies would not have to charge such high premiums if they didn't advertise on TV so often.

It takes nerve for the school district to offer up a budget that seeks $32 million in additional funding. The short answer is "heck, no."

Think how we have passionately followed the news media to stay informed about unfolding historic events in recent years. Was the media our enemy then?

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