The Rant

The Rant

March 19th, 2017 in Opinion Rants

It was so cold today that I saw a Democrat with both hands in his own pockets.

Through Clay Bennett's cartoons we witness Trump Derangement Syndrome and his mental deterioration.

If Kellyanne Conway or President Trump are talking they are lying. They can't be truthful.

Will Nancy Pelosi read the ACA replacement bill, or will she vote against it to see what's in it?

Mayor Andy, tear down those signs!

At some time in the campaign, Trump must have told us he would be an "unbelievable president." That's the only truth he has spoken.

If Trump's tweets were ignored, he would probably quit sending them. If a child's actions don't get attention, they quit.

Wealthy Trump voters get what they want in the proposed Trumpcare, while many of the rest get what they deserve. Unfortunately, non-Trump supporters will get it, too.

Why don't our politicians look to see how other industrialized countries' health costs are cheaper and more efficient than ours?

Fact: Two thirds of all bankruptcies in this country occur because of health issues.

U.S. government used to launch rockets into space. Now it only launches investigations.

Trolls: Something that lives under a bridge and posts un-illuminating and illiterate political posts wishing to violate others' rights.

The recent WikiLeaks documents confirm that using turn signals is inappropriate sharing of personal information.

Why wasn't Trump Jr. surprised when his father's tax return was made public? Who can vouch for its authenticity besides the White House, which has no trust in this matter?

Every study shows the rest of the industrialized world has better health care at about half the cost. Congress has sold us out to special interests.

When is Rachel Maddow going to release her taxes? What is she hiding?

Read the left side of the Times Free Press NFP editorial pages, everything is a disaster; read the business section, you see all positive news. Remarkable!

Where does it say Americans are entitled to health care? Food? Jobs? When did the government become the parent?

All Trump supporters are Russian sympathizers and should be deported immediately to the Kremlin.

There is an extra terrestrial force that causes all drivers who are incapable of parallel parking to visit Frazier Avenue.

Wake Up, TFP: Published front-page photo of a woman running alone captioned with her name, age and frequency of runs displayed dangerous ignorance of women's safety issues.

Why doesn't everyone get out and support a relative in athletics? Nieces, nephews, grandchildren and children. Do something positive in their life and yours!

Mayor, the election's over. You can get back to Berke's Alley in Riverview now.

If the National Endowment for the Arts goes away, who will back (actual) stellar productions such as "Zombies in Love" or "Perverts Put Out"?

We may never learn to love Trump the man, but we can sure appreciate a president who keeps his promises.

How would it be if the school board attempted to replicate the positive approach of the Chattanooga Girls Leadership Academy throughout the district?

At this point, I'd as soon we eliminate the two council positions up for runoffs and use the money to pave our roads. Yikes, they're terrible!

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