The Rant

The Rant

September 10th, 2017 in Opinion Rants

Looks like North Korea has a leader just like ours. The difference is we voted for ours.

That Slovakian K9 took the job of an American dog! That is how it begins! Let one in, and the rest will want to come!

The pardoning of Joe Arpaio made the manhandling of the Utah nurse by a law enforcement officer far more likely.

Watch what goodies county commissioners get for their districts with their "yes" tax votes. Same for City Council members.

The only wall Trump will see is the hundreds of thousands of protesters surrounding him everywhere he goes.

Harvey has wreaked untold havoc. Why was Houston built in a flood-prone area? Money? Why are we just now asking ourselves these questions?

Gas prices in this area have risen 50-plus cents per gallon due to Harvey. National average: 30 cents. Price gouging?

We have a choice. We can spend to prevent climate change and warmer seas or spend billions from the damage of that changing climate.

The only difference between Antifa and the KKK is the color of their robes. Both groups are filled with nothing but hate.

If you don't like Trump's tweets, don't read them. His followers do. Jay, our country was already divided.

Tax cuts for the rich (businesses) only make the rich richer. They haven't worked for the poor or middle class since Reagan. It's Laffer-able. Google it.

Hollywood Left gets middle of page 2. Trump's flood donations are buried at bottom of page A6. Impartially, without fear or favor. Pitiful.

Can cops crack down on the nutty motorcyclists who jeopardize motorists and themselves with their weaving in and out of traffic at 70 mph? Scary.

The Electoral College was created to keep unqualified persons from the presidency. Obviously it doesn't work and should be abandoned like the old Senate rules.

While we battle Mother Nature's fury, Lil Kim fires away. Then there's Afghanistan. And Syria. Is America doomed? Let's unite!

History Channel program wisdom: "A picture is worth 1,000 words; a symbol is worth 1,000 pictures." A statue is a symbol. Thousands of pictures glorify.

To a recent letter writer: No, Confederate soldiers are not American veterans. The claim is false. No Congress has ever made them veterans.

Mayor, learn your history. Per the federal government, these men never quit being U.S. citizens. Your actions to disgrace the dead are shameful.

What is the county mayor thinking? The homeowners should never have to pay more for Hamilton County's failing public school system. Worst in the state/nation.

For some reason, people like to celebrate the Fourth of July. A few of us celebrate Independence Day instead. There is a difference.

Chattanooga and Hamilton County homeowners getting a double whammy on taxes; hope someday we will see the tangible results.

The police can now predict who will be arrested, as in the "pre-arrest diversion" headline? Time for all to watch the movie "Minority Report" again.

So our nation's new course and purpose is to remove all history and to kiss the rear ends of the "politically correct"? Not for me, it isn't.

Waiting for someone who got to a traffic circle yield sign before you defeats the purpose of the circle and conflicts with Tennessee law.

Siri keeps me laughing — Ooltewah is Buddha Wall!

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