Letters to the Editors

Letters to the Editors

February 3rd, 2009 in Opinion

Some situations

need investigation

When will so-called investigative reporters finally do their job to pursue truth and enlighten the electorate by looking into these possibilities?

Democrats raised the minimum wage in 2006! Bam! Five hundred thousand jobs go poof by 2009!

States and cities going broke? Could it be they've overspent on welfare, Medicaid, education and social services for noncitizens?

Could stolen identities have been used to skew the 2008 vote?

"More than 27 million Americans have been victims of identity theft in the last five years ...", The New York Times


Love of money puts us back to Babylon

For two centuries people of "low degree" toppled the "mighty" - emperors and colonial masters - through revolution and wars. The Gospel empowered common people to overcome "spiritual wickedness in high places." America is the "first-born" nation. Abuse of power by ruling classes caused America's Revolution. Eliminating abuse was the Constitution's intent.

A covenant requires two participants. God delivered our ancestors with "power to get wealth, that he may establish his covenant." Israel rejected God when the people asked for a "king to judge us like all the nations." Structure identifies our master.

"We the people" erred from pure religion of brotherly love within an equitable economic system. Love of money restored a caste society that corrupted the nation. Nobody "exalted them of low degree," "filled the hungry with good things," or sent the rich "empty away." There are no "peace-makers," called "(sons) of God."

By neglecting responsibility, we're back where we started. One percent of America's population has more wealth than 90 percent combined. We've returned to Babylon, "a city devoted to materialism and the pursuit of sensual pleasure" (Webster). Devotion is worship. We've exalted Mammon above our birthright! We're one people: what about the promises?


Rutherford signs

shouldn't say 're-elect'

I often wonder where Marti Rutherford lives or where she has been, to have the audacity to have signs on the streets saying re-elect me. How does she think you can be re-elected to an office held by someone else (Carol Berz) since she was forced to resign for not being truthful on her petition to seek election from District 6? No thanks, Marti; we've had enough of this type of government.


Patten offers

energy, discipline

I strongly encourage every District 3 voter in Hixson and Murray Hills to cast a proud vote for George Patten for City Council. George embodies integrity and hard work, his "likeability" factor is off the scale, and he is now and always has been one of the most approachable people in the region. However, most importantly, as Chattanooga (like every other city) is forced to confront very difficult budgetary choices and spending priorities, George brings the right mix of job-creation energy and fiscal discipline to bear for District 3 and the entire city as well.

Be proud of your vote - vote for George.


Tennesseans should have backed Gore

Tennessee needed Gore as president.

Vice President Al Gore's entry into the race for president was a golden opportunity for the people in our area. When was the last president from Tennessee? We should have united behind his campaign and gotten out to vote in support of his candidacy. We need a Tennessean in the White House.

Tennessee voted for George Bush in 2000. Look what happened. Let's not make the same mistake and put Zach Wamp in the governor's seat.


Wildwood, Ga.

Humans not meant to be child breeders

Subject: "Woman gives birth to 8":

This is appalling. Fertility clinics should not exist. Humans are not meant to breed like rabbits. These kids will likely face developmental challenges as a result of the unnatural fertility drugs used. There are thousands if not millions of children who need a home and it is nothing but selfish and irresponsible to breed like this.

This is costly to society (46 hospital staff and possibly a lifetime of medical/mental challenges for some or all of these eight kids) and contributing that much to an already overpopulated world, which is a serious problem and getting worse every year. If we continue, population will double to over 11 billion by 2035. Overpopulation is the root of most, if not all, problems facing our world. I hope these parents are enjoying their 15 minutes of fame.


East Ridge

God-fearing people pay for Web site

Someone recently wrote in your paper griping about how concerned he was that Bradley County Sheriff Tim Gobble used the county Web site to put forth his Christian values, etc.

For his information, the county Web site is funded by the people of Bradley County, which is populated with God-fearing people, undiluted by diversity. This is the Bible Belt, and the people still hold to answered prayer, miracles, that Jesus is the only Mediator between God and man, and in the Trinity.

They are still grieved at the tyrannies and jeopardies exercised by left-wing lawyers, waiting for the day when it will be legal to do what has been done from the beginning, to look "with a firm reliance on Divine Providence" for relief from their present ills. Furthermore, they still hold their Bill of Rights to govern themselves, a concept which this griper doesn't like.

They also like a sheriff who is bold enough to do what is normal, to acknowledge our history as it is and still maintain that In God We Trust, inscribed on the money with which they pay for the Web site. Is there something wrong with this? May God multiply such sheriffs throughout Tennessee.


Dayton, Tenn


So, should we

value opinion polls?

I had to laugh when I read two editorials Monday. In the first, we are informed that "only" 41 percent of 1,000 Americans surveyed believed that mankind's activities were responsible for global warming. Immediately below was an editorial telling us not to put too much stock in opinion polls, after reporting that "only" 47 percent of Americans polled would support higher taxes to provide insurance to those that can't afford it.

First, these two editorials, found adjacent in the paper, contradict each other in a couple of ways (47 percent is greater than 41 percent, so which is more valid?). Furthermore, do we value the outcome of polls and surveys, or not?

Second, American people believe a lot of things they shouldn't. A Gallup poll conducted in 2005 showed that 37 percent of Americans believe in haunted houses and 25 percent in astrology. Does that mean that these are real? Let climate scientists determine what is true about this issue; the average American does not have the background knowledge. Follow your own advice, and "be careful with opinion polls."


Sewanee, Tenn.


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