Letters to the Editors

Letters to the Editors

February 19th, 2009 in Opinion

Lawrence Run

helps quest for cures

On behalf of the patients and families of St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, I extend our warmest gratitude to the organizers of the Karen Lawrence Run for St. Jude. The run held in Chattanooga on New Year's Eve marked the 30th year of this wonderful event, making the Karen Lawrence Run one of the longest-running St. Jude events in the country.

When Karen began her battle with leukemia in 1978, the survival rate for this deadly disease was about 40 percent. Today, the survival rate is 94 percent. That is, of course, good news, but there are many catastrophic diseases and cancers that resist treatment and continue to threaten precious lives. Although she lost her battle, Karen's story reminds all of us at St. Jude that our scientists and doctors must never stop looking for cures.

The Lawrence Family and all those who have rallied over the years to support the Karen Lawrence Run for St. Jude have enabled us to continue the quest to fulfill my father's dream that "no child should die in the dawn of life."

God bless you all.


St. Jude Children's Hospital,

National Outreach Director

Economy education can be handy thing

Regarding the Free Press editorial of Saturday (Feb. 14), "We don't know anyone who really fully understands the 'stimulus' plan."

I knew something was missing all along as I read the Free Press editorials over the past year and a half. The "we" who has been writing this material has suffered from a lack of education. Oops!

I, myself, prior to leaving Chattanooga some 26 years ago, availed myself of a micro- and macro-economics class at UTC. The instructor, whose name I have forgotten but whose class material remains etched into my brain (what a guy!), was of Middle Eastern descent and continually referred to his father as a "used camel salesman." This marvelous fellow explained how an infusion of cash could render a moribund system into a dynamic system. He also explained how a simple piece of paper, like a dollar bill, would have value as long as the various traders regarded that paper as having value.

Perhaps you may wish to sign up for some classes at UTC since you pretend to lead the community in the opinions that it might hold. A little education is a handy thing.


St. Elmo

Media not watchdog over the government

The majority of the media, now openly liberal, the watchdog mandated by our Constitution to protect us from and inform us of destructive government behavior, can no longer be relied upon to hold our government to a higher standard.

Their slobbering love affair with Barack Obama has handicapped them to the point which they no longer are able to follow their most basic journalistic instincts.

The most glaring example of this is the Timothy Geithner fiasco. The disrespect shown toward taxpaying citizens is epitomized by the appointment of the tax cheat, Timothy Geithner, as secretary of the Treasury.

The fact that Geithner continued to be supported by the Democrats and Barack Obama even though Geithner was exposed as not having paid his taxes when due illustrates their confidence in the media's loyalty to them. Taxpayers are now held to a higher standard than the person who is in charge of collecting their tax dollars.


Healy a good choice over Littlefield

Chattanooga, you do have a choice for mayor. I've heard and read that over the past couple of weeks that there is "no viable alternative" for the many folks who are less than impressed with Mayor Ron Littlefield's lackluster performance over the past four years.

This amazes me. I have been following Rob Healy's activities since early January. I am connected to his Facebook page, so I get updates on events, etc. I've also been on his Web site and I like what I see. What I see in Mr. Healy is a real guy, not a career politician. And frankly, I am a bit tired of politicians. I want someone who will do good things for this city. I encourage all of you who don't know of a "viable alternative" to the current mayor to check out Rob Healy. I get the feeling that with him, what you see is what you get and if you are like me, you will like what you see.


Signal Mountain

No lights a danger

for public safety

Elected officials need to be more attentive to safety needs of Chattanooga residents.

After leaving the City Council meeting this past Tuesday, I drove down M.L. King on my way home and noticed, to my surprise, that the streets appeared to be abnormally dark. The reason for this unusual and dangerous condition is due to the fact that the street lights are not operative in certain areas, severely reducing driver visibility and safety for nearly three city blocks.

Surely the local elected officials and business groups in the area, such as the Merchants Association and M.L. King Association, have noticed this condition but it appears that no one is complaining or raising any concerns.


Neighborhood Watch

Program of Glenwood

City has no pool

north of river

Citizens and taxpayers of Chattanooga: Did you know that Chattanooga has no public swimming pool north of the river? Why? The pools are all south of the river. Why are citizens, children north of the river discriminated against?

The outdoor pool at the North River YMCA was closed all last summer and will be again this summer because of massive water leaks - the only place to swim north of the river. If you think it's unfair that the kids north of the river have no clean place to swim, please send your donations to repair the outdoor pool to the North River YMCA, c/o Executive Director Tripp McCallie, 4138 Hixson Pike, Hixson TN 37343.

I'm sure that unlike Chattanooga city government, you don't want the kids north of the river to use the polluted Chickamauga Lake.




Band rendition better for national anthem

The 2008 National Defense Authority Act (Pubic Law 110-118) changed Section 9, Title 4, U.S. Code which concerns flag courtesy as follows:

Members of the armed forces, retirees, and now all veterans who are present, even though not in uniform, are now privileged to render the military salute. All other persons present should face the flag, stand silently at attention with their right hand over the heart. If wearing a hat or cap, remove it and place it also over the heart area. Citizens of all foreign countries should stand at attention and face the flag.

Now if Congress would only require that our beautiful national anthem be sung as it was written by Francis Scott Key, and not as an audition for those "kooks" who prefer to distort the "Star-Spangled Banner.'' I personally am greatly disgusted when I am subjected to the trills, screechy high notes and distortion of our national anthem. Therefore all events would be better served to play a beautiful band rendition.


Re-elect Rico but

not Littlefield

The March 3 election is very important for many reasons. The most important of which are the economy, crime and the deterioration of our neighborhoods.

I live in District 7. I am personally acquainted with two of the candidates and have met the other one. Although Manny Rico has disappointed us in some ways, I still feel that he is the "lesser of the evils." I feel that the other two have their own special interest, so I hope you go to the polls and vote to re-elect Mr. Rico.

In the mayor's race, I don't know Mr. Healy, but I have known Ron Littlefield for a long time. Ron's answer to our neighborhood problems is to give them "art" - junk that I'd be fined for if it were in my yard. Ron is also obsessed with the maglev train. We have cars, buses and planes. With the country in a depression, we cannot afford billions of dollars just to get to Atlanta and back. Ron is out of touch with reality.

It's up to the voters to clean up the mess.



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