Letters to the editor

Letters to the editor

August 20th, 2010 in Opinion

Ditto the letter about county GOP

Regarding Curtis Adams' letter Aug. 16: The Hamilton County GOP appears to be evolving into an interesting organization that is attracting a young and diverse membership with progressive leadership. The independent and articulate GOP chairwoman, Delores Vinson, is a breath of fresh air and revival in a political organization previously viewed as stale and lacking in spirit. She is a spirited and interesting leader who is attracting young members.


Letter about Obama offensive

In Wednesday's paper, you posted a letter from a resident who referred to our president as, "Barack the Magic Negro." Can the paper really be that racially insensitive? It is sad that a newspaper would publish a letter like that. People who write stuff like that need to have their letters thrown away, not published for the whole area to see. I know the South is still stuck in the '50s and can't stand that we have a minority president, but it's about time that the local paper stands up for basic decency and rejects that type of language.


Editor's Note: We agree that the phrase, used in an offensive political parody to which the letter referred, is racially insensitive. The point of the letter, however, was to note that a consultant to Chuck Fleischmann's campaign, Chip Saltsman, of Nashville, mailed CDs of the offensive parody to 168 Republican National Committee members in December 2008 in his campaign for the chairmanship of the RNC.

Keep the country in hands of people

In response to the letter (Aug. 16) from Trion, Ga., let me say that the only people who seem to think the public owes them anything are those currently in the White House and Congress.

As a combat veteran and a current member of a Special Forces unit, I can tell you that "we right-wingers" do not expect others to fight anything for us. I swore to defend the Constitution against enemies both foreign and domestic. That is exactly what I think most conservative constitutionalists are doing.

Our federal government is engaged in an attack on our liberty by battling to expand its power and reach. That is as dangerous an enemy of the people as any we can face. That is why I am doing something about it and running as independent candidate for U.S. Congress for the 3rd District of Tennessee in November. We must take this country back and keep it in the hands of the people.