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Opinion - Times Commentary

Dionne: Inauguration consternation

Published Jan. 20 2017

Why is this inauguration different from any other?

Kristof: Missing Obama already

Published Jan. 20 2017

Barack Obama's legacy is being systematically unraveled even before he leaves office, with The Wall Street Journal scoffing that he...

Leonhardt: Yes, Obama's presidency will endure

Published Jan. 18 2017

When Barack Obama ran for president in 2008, he understood, without quite saying it, that there had been no highly...


Dionne and Reid: Obama, Trump and the power of 'we'

Published Jan. 17 2017

Our nation is about to replace a president who loves soaring rhetoric and extended argument with a chief executive who...

Cohen: Trump's pivotal Russian test

Published Jan. 17 2017

There's a mood of confidence in Moscow bordering on triumphalism.

Krugman: Donald Trump's medical delusions

Published Jan. 16 2017

Thanks, Comey.

Friedman: Online and scared

Published Jan. 15 2017

And so it came to pass that in the winter of 2016 the world hit a tipping point that was...

Egan: The Trump and Pony Show

Published Jan. 14 2017

As a professional skeptic, I'm going to remain doubtful that Donald Trump has been a willing Russian tool, masterfully serving...

Collins: Trump, sex and lots of whining

Published Jan. 13 2017

Finally, Donald Trump held a news conference. I know you want to hear the sex-in-Russia part.

Leonhardt: The fight for health care has begun

Published Jan. 11 2017

When House Republicans abandoned their plan to gut an independent ethics office last week, it showed the power of public...

Krugman: The Age of Fake Policy

Published Jan. 9 2017

On Thursday, at a rough estimate, 75,000 Americans were laid off or fired by their employers. Some of those workers...

Friedman: From hands to heads to hearts

Published Jan. 8 2017

Software has started writing poetry, sports stories and business news. IBM's Watson is co-writing pop hits. Uber has begun deploying...

Collins: Reality politics, starring Donald Trump

Published Jan. 6 2017

Two big political events this week. A new Congress started work and 'The New Celebrity Apprentice' arrived on TV.

Kristof: The GOP health care hoax

Published Jan. 6 2017

This week, President-elect Donald Trump and congressional Republicans began to dismantle Obamacare, and here are the details of their replacement...

Dionne: Will Trump let Obama go quietly?

Published Jan. 5 2017

WASHINGTON — Will Donald Trump deprive President Obama of what we have come to think of as a normal post-presidency,...

Cartoonist Clay Bennett presents his top cartoons of 2016 [video]

Published Jan. 4 2017

Times Free Press Cartoonist Clay Bennett shows and talks about his favorite cartoons of 2016, and takes viewers through his...

Kristof: Lessons from the media's failures in its year with Trump

Published Jan. 4 2017

The last year has not been the news media's finest.

Krugman: Snatching health care away from millions

Published Jan. 3 2017

If James Comey, the FBI director, hadn't tipped the scales in the campaign's final days with that grotesquely misleading letter,...

Dionne: Protecting democracy should be priority in 2017

Published Jan. 2 2017

The most important political task of 2017 transcends the normal run of issues and controversies. Our greatest obligation will be...

Friedman: Netanyahu Makes Trump His Chump

Published Dec. 31 2016

For those of you confused over the latest fight between President Barack Obama and Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu of Israel,...

Ignatius: America is at its greatest when it's inclusive of all its citizens

Published Dec. 31 2016

WASHINGTON — For America, 2016 was a dark year. The country was still at war. Our election was a brutal...


Loftin: The GOP's tap dance with Obamacare

Published Dec. 30 2016

From 'R&R' to 'R&D': That is shorthand for the GOP's continuing effort to persuade Americans they are by God serious...

Collins: Year's end quiz

Published Dec. 30 2016

Happy almost New Year! Wow, we've been through a lot. Let's take a look back at 2016 and see how...