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Opinion - Times Commentary

Ignatius: Is quiet persuasion more effective than shouting?

Published Jul. 23 2017

The Chinese government, subtle masters of propaganda, seem to have discovered a Sun Tzu formula for taming dissent on the...

Cohen: Donald Trump's history lessons

Published Jul. 22 2017

In December 2015, Steve Bannon, now the president's chief strategist, told Donald Trump, "You're a student of military history." Flattery...

Leonhardt: A summer project to nourish your political soul

Published Jul. 19 2017

Righteousness comes easily in these polarized times. We all have reasons for our opinions, and we tend to be surrounded...

Krugman: Republicans leap into the awful known

Published Jul. 18 2017

Sometime in the next few days the Congressional Budget Office will release its analysis of the latest version of the...

Brooks: How we are ruining America

Published Jul. 16 2017

Over the past generation, members of the college-educated class have become amazingly good at making sure their children retain their...

Egan: Trump's pious and dangerous enablers

Published Jul. 15 2017

Patriotism is supposed to be the last refuge of scoundrels, but religion surely is a close second. So there was...

Ignatius: Is there a role for political Islam in modern times?

Published Jul. 15 2017

The diplomatic machinations that have enveloped Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Qatar may seem like a membership feud...

Dionne: Will Republicans ever break free of Trump?

Published Jul. 14 2017

This question was at the heart of Sen. Dianne Feinstein's opening statement at Wednesday's confirmation hearing for Christopher Wray, President...

Ignatius: Key to U.S. success against ISIS

Published Jul. 13 2017

What lessons can we take from the Islamic State's defeat in Mosul and its coming eviction from Raqqa? The collapse...

Leonhardt: Health reform that's real and conservative

Published Jul. 12 2017

The American health care system has two core problems. It's the world's most expensive, and it still leaves many people...

Krugman: Attack of the Republican Decepticons

Published Jul. 10 2017

Does anyone remember the "reformicons"? A couple of years back there was much talk about a new generation of Republicans...

Egan: The phone is smart, but where's the big idea?

Published Jul. 8 2017

I used a smartphone GPS to find my way through the cobblestoned maze of Geneva's Old Town, in search of...


Dionne: Trump and the degeneration of politics

Published Jul. 7 2017

The most corrosive aspect of Donald Trump's presidency is its rousing success in making our politics ridiculous.

Kristof: Good news, despite what you've heard

Published Jul. 5 2017

Cheer up: Despite the gloom, the world truly is becoming a better place. Indeed, 2017 is likely to be the...

Ignatius: Be grateful for these brave Americans in Syria

Published Jul. 5 2017

For this Independence Day holiday week, at a moment when the tone of our political life would probably shame our...

Collins: Your Fourth of July quiz

Published Jul. 4 2017

Happy Independence Day! As our thoughts turn to the nation's glorious beginnings, it's not actually necessary to wonder what would...

Egan: The blood on a tax cut

Published Jul. 1 2017

Pretend you are that most improbable of combinations — a lovable billionaire. In other words, you're Warren Buffett. The politicians...

Dionne: Hating government doesn't solve problems

Published Jul. 1 2017

In its current iteration, the Republican Party truly seems to believe that the solution to every problem involves throwing more...

Brooks: The GOP rejects conservatism

Published Jun. 28 2017

There is a structural flaw in modern capitalism.

Dionne: The big lies about health care

Published Jun. 26 2017

To succeed in gutting health coverage for millions of Americans, Senate Republican leaders need to get a series of lies...

Friedman: Where did 'We the People' go?

Published Jun. 25 2017

A few days ago I was at a conference in Montreal, and a Canadian gentleman, trying to grasp what's happening...

Collins: You've named Trump's worst!

Published Jun. 23 2017

It was a hard-fought race, people. But the results of our Worst Trump Cabinet Member reader poll are in.

Bruni: After Georgia election, democrats are demoralized, again

Published Jun. 22 2017

Make no mistake: Democrats were swimming against the current in Georgia. The House seat that their sights were on had...