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Opinion - Times Commentary

Krugman: Fall of the American Empire

Published Jun. 20 2018

The U.S. government is, as a matter of policy, ripping children from the arms of their parents and putting them...

Leonhardt: Big business is squashing small

Published Jun. 19 2018

The next round of media consolidation has arrived.

Krugman: GOP to Americans With Health Problems: Drop Dead

Published Jun. 18 2018

Polls suggest that the public considers health care the most important issue in the midterm elections.


Cohen: Trump's envy of Kim Jong Un

Published Jun. 18 2018

I've just watched footage of Donald Trump saluting a North Korean general and it occurs to me that what's really...

Leonard Pitts Jr.: Petaluma High learns censorship doesn't work

Published Jun. 17 2018

If you want to make sure people see or hear something, ban people from seeing or hearing something. That predates...

Goldberg: First they came for the migrants

Published Jun. 17 2018

The sci-fi writer William Gibson once said, "The future has arrived — it's just not evenly distributed yet." In America...

Blow: A present-day Bull Connor

Published Jun. 16 2018

Recently Donald Trump proposed pardoning Muhammad Ali, even though Ali's conviction for refusing to be drafted into the Vietnam War...

Friedman: Do you feel more secure?

Published Jun. 15 2018

First Donald Trump remade the Republican Party in his own image, and now he is trying to remake America the...

Bigham: Self-awareness and equity

Published Jun. 14 2018

I recently found something I had written on the inside cover of a Bible I carried when I was in...

Leonhardt: Trump tries to destroy the west

Published Jun. 12 2018

The alliance between the United States and Western Europe has accomplished great things.

Bookman: No checks, no balances

Published Jun. 12 2018

"What is the point of saying that there was a spy in the (Trump) campaign when there was none?" asks...

Blow: 'I want to hate'

Published Jun. 10 2018

In Trump's America people are understandably experiencing news fatigue. There are torrents of it on multiple streams. There is outrage...

Ignatius: Democrats need to find their voice on tariffs

Published Jun. 7 2018

Is President Trump's pitch to disgruntled manufacturing workers a leading political indicator, portending future trends, or a lagging one, appealing...

Dowd: Obama was just too good for us

Published Jun. 5 2018

It was a moment of peak Spock.

Blow: Where Trump succeeded

Published Jun. 5 2018

In one way, Donald Trump's presidency has been a raging success: He stole a political party.

Kristof: 10 modest steps to cut gun violence

Published Jun. 3 2018

After the school shooting in Texas claimed 10 lives, the incoming president of the National Rifle Association, Oliver North, blamed...

Dionne: Call out the lies - and the hatred

Published Jun. 1 2018

By now, we know that President Trump is a lying demagogue. Since this is not said often enough, he has...

Friedman: Sounding Code Red and electing the Trump resistance

Published May. 31 2018

With the primary season winding down and the midterms soon upon us, it's time to point out that this election...

Kristof: Aboard Trump's terrifying North Korea roller coaster

Published May. 30 2018

This isn't diplomacy that President Donald Trump is practicing with Kim Jong Un. It's a roller-coaster ride - and it...

Friedman: Hamas, Netanyahu and Mother Nature

Published May. 27 2018

Princess Diana once famously observed that there were three people in her marriage, "so it was a bit crowded." The...

Dionne: Challenging Trump's Christian apologists

Published May. 26 2018

Maybe it takes a royal wedding to offer lessons in what a good sermon sounds like.


Collins: How Trump gets into your bed

Published May. 25 2018

It's not every day we start our discussion of current events with the president's sex life.

Ignatius: In the Russia probe, fringe characters take center stage

Published May. 24 2018

In the bizarre double helix that is the Russia investigation, one of the recurring themes is the role of would-be...