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Opinion - Times Editorials

Sohn: The zombies are coming to a D.C. swamp near you

Published Dec. 7 2016

There's talk this week that Democrats may give President-elect Donald Trump's cabinet picks "the Garland treatment."

Sohn: Standing Rock victory is test for all of us

Published Dec. 6 2016

It is pleasing to be able to celebrate a victory for the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe — and for at...

Pam's Points: The politics of change

Published Dec. 5 2016

Who was that masked man?

Sohn: What's in a recount? America's faith

Published Dec. 4 2016

To recount or not to recount.

Sohn: Let's welcome December and help our stricken neighbors

Published Dec. 3 2016

Goodbye, November. And good riddance.

Sohn: Changes begin after fatal bus crash

Published Dec. 2 2016

It seems that Hamilton County school administrators and the private company that they contract with for bus services are blaming...

Sohn: Is Signal Mountain schools secession sign of future?

Published Dec. 2 2016

One might say the Hamilton County Department of Education is really beginning to see the collateral damage of operating a...

Sohn: It's not a hoax, it's a torch

Published Nov. 30 2016

Gatlinburg's challenge to rebuild is testament to the power of wind, fire and climate change.

Sohn: Woodmore and our schools' everyday tragedies

Published Nov. 29 2016

With last week's Woodmore Elementary School bus crash tragedy still clear in our rear-view mirror, this week's news began with...

Sohn: Ever-evolving Trump inches to Jan. 20

Published Nov. 27 2016

Perhaps we should just call our new president-elect 'the ever-evolving Trump.'

Sohn: Community, county, state must stand 'Woodmore Strong'

Published Nov. 23 2016

Every parent, sister and brother in our region is saddened this week by the tragic Woodmore Elementary School bus accident...

Sohn: Pence schools Trump with 'Hamilton' response [videos]

Published Nov. 22 2016

The headline was brief and to the point:


Pam's Points: The dawning of a dark new era

Published Nov. 21 2016

So much for President-elect Donald Trump's talk about being a president for everyone.

Sohn: It is time to thwart the outdated Electoral College

Published Nov. 20 2016

Hillary Clinton won the election by more than one million votes, but she lost the presidency because Donald Trump, who...

Sohn: Thank you, firefighters!

Published Nov. 19 2016

Here's a hearty thank you to the many firefighters locally and from other states who are working to control and...

Sohn: Early messages from Trump prompt concern

Published Nov. 18 2016

It's true that Donald Trump's words and tone have become more civil and calming since Nov. 8 when he won...

Sohn: No, you shouldn't believe everthing you read

Published Nov. 16 2016

It took the backlash of a presidential election to force Google and Facebook on Monday to announce efforts to halt...

Pam's Points: Somebody please bring back unstunning news

Published Nov. 15 2016

When will the news get boring again? We're ready for that day.

Sohn: Might wildfire smoke be harbinger of days to come?

Published Nov. 14 2016

It is little wonder that the mountain slopes and grasslands around Chattanooga are burning.

Sohn: Playing the last woman card

Published Nov. 13 2016

Women have always been last. At least metaphorically.

Sohn: When 'stronger together' makes us 'great again'

Published Nov. 11 2016

Defeated Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton and President Barack Obama are right: We do need to be gracious and respect our...


Sohn: Looking for hope in the Trump morning-after

Published Nov. 10 2016

Americans rose Wednesday to understand that our fate lies now in the hands of Donald Trump and a Republican Party...

Sohn: Election proves to be a nail-biter

Published Nov. 9 2016

History today is bittersweet, and tomorrow may be cruel.