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Opinion - Times Editorials

Sohn: Chattanooga stood strong, and the president noticed

Published Nov. 25 2015

President Barack Obama invoked Chattanooga and our resilience to terrorism in his speech Tuesday after meeting with French President Franois...

Pam's Points: How not to hate

Published Nov. 23 2015

How not to hate is a powerful message.

Sohn: We don't want refugees, but we'll send our kids to fight

Published Nov. 22 2015

The narrative of immigrants and refugees has been popular on the Republican campaign circuit this year.

Sohn: Smoking for arts exemplifies system burnout

Published Nov. 20 2015

Smoking for arts has burned out.

Sohn: Georgia has -- or had -- your secret numbers

Published Nov. 20 2015

Don't worry so much about Chinese or Korean hackers selling the jewels of your digital identity.

Sohn: LaFayette fire points up our unknown risks

Published Nov. 18 2015

We spend plenty of time and energy fearing terrorists, but the real ticking time bombs right next door to us...

Sohn: Religion is a poor litmus test for security or compassion

Published Nov. 17 2015

Soul searching is normal after something as tragic and senseless as the Paris attacks on Friday — especially combined with...

Pam's Points - Trump's dollars don't add up; Sequoyah's shutdowns don't either

Published Nov. 16 2015

Donald Trump's immigration plan finally has some push-back from other candidates — not to mention the president.

Sohn: The presidency is not an entry-level political job

Published Nov. 15 2015

Four days have passed since the last GOP debate — the one on the Fox Business channel that few could...

Sohn: Don't let politics stall justice, confirm Obama's judges

Published Nov. 14 2015

In November 2014, President Barack Obama nominated Travis Randall McDonough to a federal judgeship in the 6th Circuit's Eastern District...

Sohn: DA needs to step up, not opt out

Published Nov. 13 2015

Hamilton County District Attorney Neal Pinkston owes the Chattanooga Times Free Press an apology. But mostly, he owes the community...

Sohn: Veterans Day comes with a budget and uncertainties

Published Nov. 11 2015

Today is Veterans Day, and the 97th anniversary of the end of WWI.

Sohn: Let's stop racism: Touchdown!

Published Nov. 10 2015

No, it's not still 1960. No, it's not Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, Mississippi or any other deep South state.

Sohn: Five decades of climate denial and counting

Published Nov. 8 2015

The 50-year anniversary of the first detailed climate change warning issued to a U.S. president was Thursday.

Sohn: Keystone decision is good, but likely not over

Published Nov. 7 2015

President Barack Obama on Friday finally and appropriately rejected the proposed Keystone XL pipeline.

Sohn: Our schools need reinvention, and now is the time

Published Nov. 7 2015

Hamilton County has two tiers of public schools — a middle-class tier and high-poverty tier.

Sohn: New arts building is fitting new tradition

Published Nov. 6 2015

The new office of ArtsBuild, the private nonprofit arts advocate in Chattanooga, is truly a home befitting one of Chattanooga's...

Sohn: Corker investments somehow lacked usual scrutiny

Published Nov. 6 2015

U.S. Sen. Bob Corker, a member of the Senate Banking Committee, blamed "filing errors" by his accountants for why his...

Sohn: Haslam is right on pre-K

Published Nov. 4 2015

Tennessee's pre-kindergarten programs are in the news for a second time in a month.

Sohn: The Republicans need to be saved from themselves

Published Nov. 3 2015

So, Jeb! is now hitting the reset button. Now, it's Jeb 2.0.

Pam's Points: The petty, the hope and the tragedy of political theater

Published Nov. 2 2015

GOP candidates stuck on entertainment

Sohn: 'Ferguson effect?' What about 'teen-slam effect?'

Published Nov. 1 2015

Over the last year, we've seen plenty of police action that should give our nation pause.

Sohn: Why candidates and lawmakers love to hate the media

Published Oct. 30 2015

When the GOP candidates are asked a question they don't want to answer, they blame the media.