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Opinion - Times Editorials

Sohn: Newest finding: Early learning undone by K-3 classrooms

Published Oct. 4 2015

Buried on an inside page of the region/state section of the newspaper last week was the story of a startling...

Sohn: America's new daily habit, mass shooting du jour

Published Oct. 3 2015

This year alone -- the past nine months and 2 days -- Americans have heard news about 294 mass shootings...

Sohn: Godspeed to the new Moccasin Bend firing range committee

Published Oct. 3 2015

Thank goodness, Chattanooga and Hamilton County officials finally are moving off the dime to look for ways to move the...

Sohn: Cleaner air may be subject to warming and Volkswagen

Published Oct. 2 2015

As the fallout from Volkswagen's cheating on its "clean diesel" emissions continues to mount, the Obama administration on Thursday unveiled...

Hasden: Obama, Putin at odds on Syria

Published Oct. 1 2015

The widely publicized Monday photo of U.S. President Barack Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin at a flower bedecked table...

Hasden: The pope's powerful message

Published Sep. 30 2015

Pope Francis' just concluded visit to the United States was a grand moment in history for the U.S. Roman Catholic...

Sohn: East Ridge and Superior Creek owners need to step up

Published Sep. 27 2015

How is it that 1,500 people, all suddenly made homeless, don't constitute a disaster?

Sohn: Here's to Erlanger's comeback -- and windfall

Published Sep. 23 2015

Erlanger trustees on Thursday will be asked to approve a plan to give $400 bonuses to 3,300 employees after earning...

Sohn: What was Volkswagen thinking?

Published Sep. 22 2015

The same Volkswagen company that Chattanoogans can credit for helping turn a 7,000-acre brownfield into the world's greenest auto plant...

Sohn: So much rhetoric, so little truth

Published Sep. 21 2015

It would be hard for any presidential debate to be more disappointing and less helpful to the voter than last...

Sohn: VW's alleged emissions 'defeat device' disheartening

Published Sep. 21 2015

Volkswagen's "Clean diesel" claim is sputtering.

Sohn: This is what good education looks like

Published Sep. 20 2015

If Hamilton County would -- or could -- replicate in all other schools the hard work and creativity of an...

Sohn: County democracy takes a village

Published Sep. 18 2015

They say democracy happens one vote at a time.

Sohn: Admiral blaming Chattanooga attack on Obama was not supposed to speak

Published Sep. 18 2015

It was an embarrassing moment in Chattanooga on Wednesday.

Sohn: EPB's fiber folly not folly at all

Published Sep. 16 2015

Plenty of local naysayers whined loudly when President Barack Obama announced his stimulus program to help restart the economy after...

Sohn: Transparency shouldn't be pay to play

Published Sep. 16 2015

The Tennessee Office of Open Records Counsel wants to know what you think about a proposal to make you pay...

Sohn: Blacks left behind during Scenic City renaissance

Published Sep. 15 2015

In large measure, the issues that kept Chattanooga blacks down in 1968 are still with us in 2015.

Pam's Points: County money, state ideas and 1,500 made homeless

Published Sep. 13 2015

Kudos to Hamilton County Commissioner Joe Graham for his decision to return his $100,000 portion of Hamilton County commissioners' $900,000...

Sohn: Raising city's minimum wage is a wise and worthy goal

Published Sep. 13 2015

Last week, Chattanooga City Councilman Moses Freeman asked his fellow council members to step out of their lane and sponsor...

Sohn: No more posturing; Give peace a chance

Published Sep. 12 2015

What looked like Mount Everest -- uphill in the snow barefoot both ways -- became level ground finally this week...

Sohn: What we need vs what we spend

Published Sep. 11 2015

If the news of late has made you want to hide your head and your wallet, you're not alone.

Sohn: Why worry about Iran when there's Oak Ridge?

Published Sep. 9 2015

Who needs terrorists when we have the workers and security at Y-12 National Security Complex at Oak Ridge?

Sohn: Let's ask Hillary and others the important questions

Published Sep. 9 2015

Hillary Clinton apparently cannot speak loudly enough to out-sound reporters asking "when-did-you-stop-beating-your-wife" questions. Or more specifically, "why-won't-you-apologize" questions for using...