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Opinion - Times Editorials

Sohn: Town halls set with or without leaders

Published Feb. 22 2017

Look at the brave and strong Chattanoogans and Tennesseans (Georgians and Alabamians, too) who are getting involved in issues and...

Sohn: A month into the Trump darkness

Published Feb. 21 2017

So here we are a month into Trumpness.

Sohn: Trump could be - if he would be - the antidote for hate

Published Feb. 20 2017

One of the most painful moments of President Donald Trump's 77-minute burp about fine-tuned machines last week came when he...


Sohn: Let's make America learn to work again

Published Feb. 19 2017

Perhaps the distractions of the Trump administration's possible ties to Russia may have a silver lining for President Donald Trump.

Sohn: Doggart is a terrorist, not just a civil rights violator

Published Feb. 18 2017

The lesson of Robert Doggart is unmistakable.

Sohn: Our lawmakers still have no common sense on guns

Published Feb. 17 2017

Each time there is a mass shooting involving a mentally or emotionally ill person — which is the case in...

Sohn: Watch the Trump comedy show

Published Feb. 17 2017

Saturday Night Live can't out-skit Donald Trump.

Pam's Points: The chants of 2016 become the demands of 2017

Published Feb. 15 2017

Can't you still hear the chants from the campaign of 2016?

Sohn: Congress must find its backbone against Trump

Published Feb. 14 2017

As America's protections are being thrown down the abyss by chaos created by President Donald Trump, Tennessee's Republican senators and...

Full list of the Chattanooga Times' endorsements for the local election

Published Feb. 12 2017

In the March 7 Chattanooga election, The Chattanooga Times recommends:

Sohn: Southside Social's dress code ruffles do-rags

Published Feb. 11 2017

Just when you thought the Southside was becoming the toney, trendy place to be — especially at the Southside Social,...

Chattanooga Times endorses Andy Berke for ability to bring stronger, fairer economy

Published Feb. 10 2017

Chattanooga has made unmistakable progress in the four years that Andy Berke has been mayor.


Sohn: The cup runneth over in Districts 8 and 9

Published Feb. 9 2017

City Council Districts 8 and 9 have a wealth of good candidates this year, and if life was fair, all...

Chattanooga Times endorses Anthony Byrd for District 8

Published Feb. 9 2017

District 8 needs the new eyes and perspective of Anthony Byrd.

Sohn: Re-elect Russell Gilbert Sr. in District 5

Published Feb. 8 2017

Voters in Chattanooga's District 5 should re-elect Russell Gilbert Sr. to represent them on the City Council.

Sohn: Chris Anderson's record gives him inside track for re-election

Published Feb. 8 2017

Chris Anderson in his first four years on the Chattanooga City Council has proven to be something of a lightning...

Sohn: Henderson is still the best for Chattanooga, District 1

Published Feb. 7 2017

Chip Henderson has grown a lot since he won the Chattanooga City Council seat for District 1 four years ago,...

Sohn: Mitchell is best choice for Chattanooga, District 2 -- again

Published Feb. 7 2017

Jerry Mitchell, the 62-year-old incumbent in Chattanooga's District 2, is the clear and only choice for city voters on March...

Pam's Points: There is no making sense of Trumpism

Published Feb. 6 2017

It was another chaos week and weekend.

Sohn: There is no getting over it

Published Feb. 5 2017

How many times have Democrats heard since November: 'You lost. Trump won. Get over it.'

Sohn: Alstom PILOT payback is good business

Published Feb. 4 2017

Chattanooga Mayor Andy Berke and Hamilton County Mayor Jim Coppinger just drew a bright red line in the sand on...

Sohn: Governing the chaos way in Trumpland

Published Feb. 1 2017

Trying to keep up with the conflict and chaos in Donald Trump's swampy Washington is like trying to get a...

Sohn: Trump's Muslim ban more than bad 'implementation'

Published Jan. 31 2017

If people were not already afraid for America over Donald Trump's presidency, then his second weekend in office certainly should...