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Opinion - Times Editorials

The Tennessee Wilderness Act: Will the fourth time be the charm?

Published Mar. 23 2015

Tennessee Republican senators Lamar Alexander and Bob Corker have introduced -- for a fourth time -- the Tennessee Wilderness Act....

The anti-scientists ramp up their anti-Earth war

Published Mar. 22 2015

When Ted Cruz told NASA Administrator Charles Bolden to focus less on climate change and more on space exploration recently,...

Bring that circus protest to help Tennessee Walkers

Published Mar. 21 2015

The circus came to town, and protesters popped out of the woodwork.

Pam's Points - commission pay, school follies and a new Little Debbie?

Published Mar. 20 2015

The tit-for-tat funding arguments between the Hamilton County commissioners and Hamilton County schools are beginning to look and sound a...

Failure to govern: Political apathy can't go on

Published Mar. 18 2015

Americans are fed up with politics.

Cook: Respect is always most important value

Published Mar. 17 2015

A few days ago, a dear and wise friend, who is Muslim, told me a story.

Editorial: Gas leak could have been major disaster for Chattanooga

Published Mar. 17 2015

Chattanooga dodged a potentially deadly bullet Sunday and Monday.

Contact your state lawmakers

Published Mar. 17 2015

A contact list of Tennessee state senators and representatives.

Don't fall for empty promises of school vouchers

Published Mar. 17 2015

I grew up in public schools. As a kid, that's where I got my education, both social and academic.

Too many nuclear questions, too few answers

Published Mar. 15 2015

The federal Nuclear Regulatory Commission has fined TVA $70,000 for poor oversight of TVA contractors after those contractors falsified required...

Letter from Congress-run-amok is sad lunacy

Published Mar. 14 2015

The letter 47 members of the U.S. Senate signed and sent to the Iranian leaders in an effort to scuttle...

Don't worry about Hillary's emails: NSA has them

Published Mar. 14 2015

For all those in angst over Hillary Clinton's secretary of state email on a private, but reportedly secure, server at...

Hamilton County commissioners will hear you now

Published Mar. 9 2015

Don't look now but the hot place below ground may have frozen over after the Hamilton County Commission last week...

Tough love for police means seeing respect as a two-way street

Published Mar. 8 2015

It's tough being a good cop, these days.

Sen. Gardenhire: Please give your colleagues a remedial college try

Published Mar. 7 2015

We want students to have opportunities to learn more, but not at the expense of school or teacher accountability. ...

Overcome! Rename the bridge

Published Mar. 7 2015

There is still a wrong to be righted in Selma, Ala.

Pam's points: Numbers round out, turn up important tax and race discussions

Published Mar. 6 2015

Once again, we owe a debt to Helen Burns Sharp, a tax-break watchdog who is calling for more public understanding,...

How colleges became institutions of higher learning for sex abusers

Published Mar. 4 2015

The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga has chosen a very unfortunate year to land itself -- through circumstances entirely due...

The endless GOP conflagration has begun

Published Mar. 3 2015

The GOP is starting the primary early in Tennessee.

Budget primer: Maintaining highways 101

Published Mar. 1 2015

Remember those math word problems that made most of us groan and turn green and claim the dog ate our...

Interneting our way toward net neutrality

Published Feb. 28 2015

It shouldn't take a genius to understand that the broadband Internet has moved quickly from being a luxury to a...

Closer to home: EPB expansion gets FCC nod

Published Feb. 28 2015

People living on the fringes of downtown Chattanooga might remember the days when they cursed dial-up Internet and called about...

Black history is American history

Published Feb. 27 2015

It is a given that we should lament the fact we rely on a calendar designation for "Black History Month."...