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Opinion - Times Editorials

Today's social frustrations can become tomorrow's riots

Published May. 3 2015

Last week it was Baltimore. Before that it was Ferguson. It simmers in Charleston, S.C.; Cleveland, Ohio; Anywhere, America --...

Gunning for state symbols in all the wrong places

Published May. 2 2015

The buying of the Tennessee General Assembly -- especially the House of the Representatives -- might as well have been...

Tax breaks need new name:profits-in-lieu-of-tax

Published May. 1 2015

Two very positive things happened this week in Chattanooga over what has been a prickly subject: payment-in-lieu-of-taxes agreements known as...

Marriage equality is the right decision

Published Apr. 29 2015

National journalists on Tuesday reported that the Supreme Court "seemed deeply divided about one of the great civil rights issues...

Building Chattanooga one resident at a time

Published Apr. 28 2015

Chattanooga has always been a special place. Growing along a wide inviting river in a valley nestled by mountains and...

Congress needs to vote on issues, not on Obama

Published Apr. 27 2015

Finally last week, Loretta E. Lynch, the United States attorney for the Eastern District of New York, was confirmed as...

Dear governor, our parks just took a bullet

Published Apr. 25 2015

Dear Gov. Haslam, We commend your thoughtful letter to members of the Tennessee General Assembly whose guns-in-parks legislation you signed...

Let us pray -- in a moment of silence

Published Apr. 24 2015

Prayer shouldn't be so contentious. In fact, it should be calming and personal.

Scott 'Scotty' Livingston Probasco Jr. a man of many interests

Published Apr. 21 2015

Scott "Scotty" Livingston Probasco Jr., whose business acumen, civic leadership and love of the community he proudly called home were...

Every day should be Earth Day

Published Apr. 20 2015

For 45 years, we've had a designated Earth Day.

Atlanta teachers: if you can't do time, don't do crime

Published Apr. 20 2015

The education world was rocked last week when a eight of the 10 Atlanta educators convicted of racketeering in one...

Pay it forward: Proposed tax is tomorrow's dividend

Published Apr. 19 2015

Many of us will buy at least $150 worth of plants this spring for our homes and yards. ...

State lawmakers forget where money comes from

Published Apr. 18 2015

It's really hard to find good things to say about Tennessee's General Assembly, of late. ...

Why can't Tennessee lawmakers do health care math?

Published Apr. 17 2015

Just what is it exactly about opting out of federal health care money that Tennessee lawmakers don't understand? ...

The Bible as official state book

Published Apr. 17 2015

The Tennessee House of Representatives ignored serious constitutional concerns -- along with the wishes of Republican leaders -- and voted...

Petition brings cavalry for horses

Published Apr. 15 2015

Last month the circus came to Chattanooga, and protesters came with it -- holding signs decrying cruelty to animals. ...

A nod to Sen. Corker

Published Apr. 15 2015

President Barack Obama will sign bipartisan compromise legislation on Iran if it emerges as formulated in a key committee, according...

An official welcome to Hillary; let the pundits' prattle begin

Published Apr. 14 2015

Hillary Clinton is officially in.

Be part of Southern Lit's premier event this week

Published Apr. 13 2015

Later this week, Chattanoogans have an opportunity to do something, see something and hear something that cannot be obtained anywhere...

Reform in walking horse industry must include owners

Published Apr. 12 2015

For years, the Humane Society of the United States and sound horse advocates have prodded the U.S. Department of Agriculture...

Corker sees opportunity in pushing for Iran talks vote

Published Apr. 10 2015

Anyone who watched President Barack Obama's 45-minute talk with New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman had to be impressed to...

What? We can't bring our guns to the Capitol?

Published Apr. 8 2015

One way you can always tell that the Tennessee General Assembly (or Georgia) is in session is by how many...

Tennessee's medical marijuana bill is a good prescription

Published Apr. 7 2015

At long last, a medical marijuana bill is scheduled to be discussed Wednesday in the Tennessee House Health Committee and...