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Opinion - Times Editorials

Sohn: Trump budget is misguided, wishful thinking

Published May. 24 2017

The Trump administration has finally unveiled its full 2018 $4 trillion budget, and it looks penny wise and pound foolish.

Sohn: School leaders must work for students

Published May. 23 2017

After last week, it's hard not to wonder on whose side the leaders of our public schools sit.

Sohn: Beware of the Church of Government

Published May. 21 2017

Almost all faiths start with God. That God may not be called God, but the faiths that revere Yahweh, Allah...

Sohn: Loose-lipped Trump tells all just 'worrysome?'

Published May. 17 2017

We've said it before, but it bears repeating. You can't make this stuff up.

Pam's Points: Looking to make sense of Trump world

Published May. 15 2017

The Trump/Nixon comparisons just keep coming.

Sohn: Cities, counties rewarded with penalties for gun-free zones

Published May. 14 2017

The gun nuts have had their way with Tennessee lawmakers again this year.

Sohn: Fall Creek Falls neglect and bid response need sunshine

Published May. 13 2017

It should be coming clear to state officials that allowing state assets to atrophy with deferred maintenance needs then seeking...

Sohn: What? Trump 'tricked' by Russian state media?

Published May. 12 2017

"White House furious after being trolled with Russia Oval Office photos" was the headline on a story.

Sohn: Comey firing is harbinger of crisis

Published May. 11 2017

With Donald Trump's decision to fire FBI Director Jim Comey — the man who stood at the helm of the...

Sohn: Schools budget workshop exhibited little leadership

Published May. 10 2017

Tuesday's big local news wasn't so much about what was said in the budget workshop between the Hamilton County Commission...

Sohn: Yates, Clapper hearing invokes juvenile Trump tweets

Published May. 10 2017

President Donald Trump's spin that Michael Flynn was "treated badly" when he was fired by Trump for lying to the...

Sohn: President Trump's parks donation could be expanded

Published May. 9 2017

Let's not get too dewy-eyed about President Donald Trump's reported decision to donate the first quarter earnings of his $400,000...

Krugman: Republicans party like it's 1984

Published May. 9 2017

There have been many bad laws in U.S. history. Some bills were poorly conceived; some were cruel and unjust; some...

Sohn: 'Natural meaning' is religious right crutch [photos]

Published May. 8 2017

For all the wonderful things Tennessee has going for it, the state's to-the-right-of-Attila-the Hun legislature is not one.

Sohn: Hamilton County school board is failing the test

Published May. 7 2017

To our recollection, Hamilton County's five most recently named school board members — and the four who were elected two...

Sohn: Churches want cake and tax exemption, too

Published May. 6 2017

"Tolerance is the cornerstone of peace," President Donald Trump said on Thursday as he signed an executive order on "Promoting...

Sohn: Trump/GOP care just another fiction

Published May. 5 2017

We've become accustomed to Trump lies.

Sohn: The kindred spirits of Donald Trump and Andrew Jackson

Published May. 3 2017

Could President Trump have negotiated away America's Civil War?

Sohn: Local leaders' thinking on Moccasin Bend doesn't add up

Published May. 2 2017

How long are we going to let our local officials allow the Chattanooga Police Firing Range to shoot Chattanooga's growing...

Pam's Points: Riding the merry-go-round of all things Trump

Published May. 1 2017

A recent addition to Trump's Cabinet — our own former Georgia Gov. Sonny Perdue, newly sworn-in agriculture secretary, played a...

Sohn: Volkwagen's eight student eLabs will make great start

Published Apr. 30 2017

All too often, it seems, we report here that our students are being left behind in Hamilton County.


Sohn: Mark your calendars for red-letter school days

Published Apr. 29 2017

Hamilton County got a two-in-one deal Thursday night — two very good school decisions out of one Hamilton County Board...

Sohn: Sen. Alexander and the Obamacare repeal fast pitch

Published Apr. 28 2017

Desperate for anything the Trump administration could call a half win in its first 100 days, GOP leaders have edged...