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Opinion - Times Editorials

Sohn: Congress twists like a pretzel on terrorism

Published Sep. 30 2016

Congress did something. But it wasn't about governing. It was about displaying total, complete spite for our president and about...

Sohn: What the presidential debate shows us [video]

Published Sep. 28 2016

Even Donald Trump knew he lost the all-important first 2016 one-on-one presidential debate with Hillary Clinton.

Sohn: Seize the day with Chattanooga 2.0

Published Sep. 27 2016

Hamilton County and Chattanooga are on a calamitous course headed to a land called Disconnect.

Pam's Points: Debate night ghosts and Trump's self-funding campaign

Published Sep. 26 2016

Tonight's the night.

Sohn: The election is about money -- our money

Published Sep. 25 2016

It's the economy, stupid.

Sohn: Schools 'urgency' message calls for urgent action

Published Sep. 24 2016

Tennessee Education Commissioner Candice McQueen told Hamilton County school administrators this week that they must must find urgency to improve...

Sohn: Trump's headline snatching bait-and-switch

Published Sep. 23 2016

Donald Trump has done it again.

Sohn: Withholding Charlotte police video builds distrust

Published Sep. 23 2016

Communities like Charlotte — psychologically and at times physically torn apart by anger over real or perceived police bias or...

Sohn: Don't fear the refugees, fear the Trumps

Published Sep. 21 2016

The portrait of Omran Daqneesh, sitting last month in an ambulance too dazed to cry with a bloodied and dust-caked...

Sohn: The ocean is life -- and weather

Published Sep. 20 2016

This is the week of the fall equinox. To be precise, Thursday will be the day when our Sun crosses...

Pam's Points: Just another day in political la-la-land

Published Sep. 19 2016

It's rich that Donald Trump is lying again even as he finally admits the truth that his Barack Obama birther...

Sohn: America's diagnosis is better all the time

Published Sep. 18 2016

America by the numbers is sometimes a very confusing thing.


Sohn: Brainerd gets civics lesson from modern-day Archie Bunker

Published Sep. 17 2016

Brainerd students got quite the civics lesson this week.

Sohn: Might U.S. policy be for sale in Trump White House?

Published Sep. 16 2016

Donald Trump's global deals would make it impossible for him to conduct foreign policy in many countries without either padding...

Sohn: Will history say Trump started war over a raised middle finger?

Published Sep. 14 2016

While the mainstream media took a vacation from real work over the last four days to fall into blathering fits...

Pam's Points: Is it November yet?

Published Sep. 13 2016

It is absolutely laughable — in a sad way — that Donald Trump is on his high horse about Hillary...

Sohn: Good leaders could have avoided Ooltewah lawsuit

Published Sep. 12 2016

It's official. Eight months after the pool-cue rape of an Ooltewah High School freshman and basketball player, the victim's attorneys...

Sohn: Stop giving Trump and surrogates a license to lie

Published Sep. 12 2016

It's time for media pundits looking for talking points about the presidential race to stop putting Trump surrogates like Rudy...

Sohn: Which Trump will we see next?

Published Sep. 11 2016

Don't let the new Prozac-version of Donald Trump fool you.

Sohn: Bellefonte is the poster child of nuked money

Published Sep. 10 2016

It is truly mind-numbing to comprehend the vast waste of ratepayer and taxpayer money lost on the siting, building, scrapping,...

Sohn: Commissioners need calculators and backbones

Published Sep. 9 2016

If a story Thursday about Hamilton County commissioners giving their chairman and vice chairman what seemed like a raise —...

Sohn: Tennessee lawmakers -- clean your House

Published Sep. 9 2016

It isn't often that the Tennessee General Assembly has an opportunity to right two wrongs.

Sohn: Thanks, Mayor Berke, for sticking with us

Published Sep. 8 2016

It's official. Mayor Andy Berke made it clear Tuesday that he will seek re-election.