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Opinion - Times Editorials

Sohn: Emails probe still much ado over nothing

Published May. 27 2016

A report released Wednesday by the State Department's Office of Inspector General said Hillary Clinton shouldn't have used a private...

Sohn: City's news gutter is teachable moment

Published May. 26 2016

Twenty, 30 and 40 years ago when dinosaurs roamed the earth, politicians' conspiracy theories and rumored sex lives were largely...

Sohn: The faces of Tennessee's health coverage gap

Published May. 24 2016

Two and half years after the Affordable Care Act was enacted and 17 months after Gov. Bill Haslam announced the...

Sohn: How to use stadiums to further education

Published May. 23 2016

It's nice to see the Hamilton County Board of Education finally doing something — finally taking some action on one...

Sohn: Blues over Obamacare? Hardly.

Published May. 22 2016

Perhaps no company — and no industry — knows how to make numbers dizzyingly better than BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee...

Sohn: Chattanooga Riverwalk is Chattanooga backbone

Published May. 22 2016

It's hard to believe now, but the Tennessee Riverwalk from one end to the other used to be mile-upon-mile of...

Sohn: Hutcheson leaders put hospital on its deathbed

Published May. 21 2016

When hospitals fail, communities suffer.

Sohn: Commission, school leaders need remedial classes

Published May. 20 2016

What comes first — the chicken or the egg; money to help children in our schools learn better or better...

Sohn: Politics, not students, at heart of bathroom concerns

Published May. 18 2016

Once again in our state capitol, the sky is falling because of bathrooms.

Sohn: The butler did it in the Mar-a-Lago lobby

Published May. 16 2016

Smart business people know their employees are the window of their companies, their missions, their products, their ethics, their brand....

Sohn: As the world turns, Canada burns and Greenland melts

Published May. 15 2016

We have plenty of distractions:

Sohn: Where is justice when justice is done?

Published May. 14 2016

Sex, sins of omission and injustice made local news this week in two separate cases — one out of Ooltewah...


Sohn: Parking plan has the cart before the horse

Published May. 13 2016

Change is never easy.

Sohn: Copperhill success story spans wasteland to mecca

Published May. 11 2016

In the 1960s, astronauts orbiting in space could discern three landmarks on the Earth: Mount Everest, the Great Wall of...

Sohn: Homeless, condos and parking make a connect-the-dots exercise

Published May. 10 2016

Ooltewah residents recently suffered a classic case of NIMBY-ism -- a not-in-my-back-yard reaction to a proposal to help homeless people...

Pam's Points: Explaining the improbable with TVA and the GOP

Published May. 9 2016

Such a bargain for you

Sohn: Fixing Chattanooga - one conversation at a time

Published May. 8 2016

Here's hoping Chattanooga -- both its city officials and its city residents -- have more civil discourse and thoughtful give-and...

Sohn: Investment in city recreation centers long overdue

Published May. 7 2016

It is long past time to invest in our young people.

Sohn: Building police trust in Chattanooga - one record at a time

Published May. 6 2016

Chattanooga police leaders, banking on the belief that building trust is a vital step toward safer streets, want to change...

Sohn: Have gun, will go to class

Published May. 4 2016

Gov. Bill Haslam took the coward's way out Monday when he chose to allow Tennessee's guns-on-campus bill to become law...

Pam's Points: When hate comes home to roost in politics

Published May. 2 2016

Deal Donald in.


Sohn: Let's tally the unseen costs of mega-schools

Published May. 1 2016

What is it about our outcomes-oriented society that makes us turn our backs on common sense — even when the...

Sohn: Is TNready contract just a growing pattern?

Published Apr. 30 2016

It was a banner headline: Tennessee "cuts ties" with its TNReady testing contractor after repeated delays and failed attempts to...