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Opinion - Times Editorials

Aborted abortion vote signals bright spot for GOP future

Published Jan. 23 2015

Score one for women -- especially moderate Republican women.

Recycled Republicans and a reinvented Romney

Published Jan. 21 2015

Who are these people? Who are these new Republicans in tired old faces who -- after years of claiming that...

What will real recovery and progress look like?

Published Jan. 20 2015

Tonight will mark President Barack Obama's next-to-last address to the American people in what is called the State of the...

Chattanooga receives highest tribute for gig-sized innovation

Published Jan. 19 2015

Chattanooga got a shout out of the highest kind last week. We've received a very public at-a-boy from none other...

Pam's points: If keeping freedoms and finding peace were easy ...

Published Jan. 18 2015

Conservatives and right-to-life fanatics may be putting a stranglehold on Tennessee and the country, but never doubt the determination of...

Invisible and expert crime-fighting ears sound promising

Published Jan. 17 2015

It's good to see the Chattanooga Police Department trading up.

Pam's points: So many ways to blur meanings, so little time

Published Jan. 16 2015

Pope Francis continues to be a holy man with common sense.

From tricycles to economy cars, how can we provide for our kids?

Published Jan. 14 2015

Calling all moms and dads: Your state senators and representatives -- and apparently your county commissioners, too -- think you're...

Plain talk from a congresswoman about the Keystone

Published Jan. 13 2015

Sen. Elizabeth Warren is on a mission, and on the very first day of the new Congress last week she...

Watch for a sneak attack on Social Security

Published Jan. 12 2015

Buried in new rules to govern the House over the next two years is the tipping point for a budding...

Paul Starnes' service appreciated

Published Jan. 12 2015

Long-time educator and former state Rep. Paul Starnes has died at 80.

Tennessee lawmakers need our help as session begins

Published Jan. 11 2015

The majority of Hamilton County's state lawmakers will begin the new 109th Tennessee General Assembly session on Tuesday with vim...

Pam's points: Let's use smiles to save ourselves and Obamapromise

Published Jan. 10 2015

Using cartoons, humor and jokes -- laughter -- to help us defuse prickly issues and bring the needed context of...

Je suis Charlie -- I am Charlie

Published Jan. 9 2015

Can't we all just get along?

Pam's points: New beginnings for domestic violence help, congress

Published Jan. 8 2015

Last month, the Chattanooga Police Department, the local Family Justice Center and the Southern Adventist University School of Social Work...

So much for crying that UAW costs Tennessee jobs

Published Jan. 6 2015

Judging from the anti-union and anti-UAW talk we've heard from most of Tennessee's Republican politicians in the past two years,...

What we mean when we decry the country's direction

Published Jan. 4 2015

The year 2014 was messy and contentious for our country; but, in the end, a bit stellar, too. ...

Pam's points: Good police work and exercising executive privilege

Published Jan. 3 2015

Dozens of Chattanoogans are among the luckiest people in the world after they dodged the random bullets of a 45-year-old...

Be it resolved: Happy New Year!

Published Jan. 1 2015

Especially on New Year's Day, our leaders -- locally and nationally -- may want to make a few nonbinding resolutions...

The time for a conversation about race is past

Published Dec. 31 2014

It's fair to say that 2014 has been the year America's melting pot boiled over -- again. ...

Pam's Points: Why education can't add up in our shrinking world

Published Dec. 30 2014

Hamilton County is hoping to persuade Tennessee officials to fully fund the state's share of public education financing called the...

It's time now for homework and growth

Published Dec. 28 2014

This has been quite a year.

The promise of Christmas

Published Dec. 25 2014

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, Feliz Navidad, Good Cheer. ...