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Opinion - Times Editorials

Sohn: Shootings hit nerve in Brainerd Road incident

Published Feb. 5 2016

Gang gunfire in Chattanooga is grabbing headlines again.

Sohn: What the Iowa Caucus shows us

Published Feb. 3 2016

On the morning after the Iowa Caucus the Democrats moved on to New Hampshire to continue waging a battle that's...

Pam's Points: Doesn't the city have anything better to do?

Published Feb. 2 2016

The city council wants to tell us how many dogs we may own. And it seems five may be the...

Sohn: Tick-tocking up to Iowa and the first primary

Published Feb. 1 2016

After weekend news reels of plays and replays from the final GOP debate our verdict is in.

Sohn: Change agent and schools savior wanted

Published Jan. 31 2016

Wanted: a change agent for all of Hamilton County's educational thinking.

Sohn: Veterans push back against political users

Published Jan. 29 2016

America's veterans deserve much better than being used for political football — or for financial profit.

Sohn: Planned Parenthood video fakers must face music

Published Jan. 27 2016

It is another vindication day for Planned Parenthood.

Sohn: End the sad-sack 'boys' club' of the General Assembly

Published Jan. 26 2016

One of our state lawmakers entertained us again this weekend with the shenanigans of an on-again, off-again, on-again announcement of...

Sohn: A moonshot cancer cure can be infectious

Published Jan. 24 2016

Everyone knows and loves someone who has been stricken with cancer. Many have lost someone to cancer.

Sohn: The silver lining in Ooltewah's school heartbreak

Published Jan. 23 2016

It's hard to know exactly what is more outrageous: That the coaches, the principal and perhaps even the Hamilton County...

Sohn: Flint lead poisoning is pound-foolish fiscal conservatism

Published Jan. 22 2016

Imagine your outrage if you suddenly learned the water coming through the taps of your home, schools, churches and local...

Sohn: Apparently MLK's dream is still a dream

Published Jan. 19 2016

Each time it begins to look as though Chattanooga has turned a corner on race and community relations we're reminded...

Sohn: Unraveling a chemical nightmare

Published Jan. 17 2016

For every action there is a reaction.

Sohn: Don't let GOP debates blunt your civic pride

Published Jan. 16 2016

Reality TV was alive and well Thursday night as Republican presidential candidates sliced at each other, puffed their chests, spun...

Sohn: Let Ooltewah's darkest day be new dawn for schools

Published Jan. 15 2016

Hamilton County Schools have never been in the news as much as they are right now in the aftermath of...

Sohn: Finally, school officials choose to lead

Published Jan. 12 2016

Board of Education Chairman Jonathan Welch made a tough but smart call Sunday when he released a statement apologizing for...

Sohn: Don't look for much from Tennessee lawmakers

Published Jan. 12 2016

It's a great question: What to do with an extra $600 million in state revenue?

Sohn: Why Y'all Qaeda took Oregon hostage

Published Jan. 11 2016

What if the squatters occupying a bird sanctuary in Oregon were black? Or what if they called themselves members of...

Sohn: The grave danger of the great Trump con job

Published Jan. 10 2016

How can we unring the bell that Donald Trump set swinging?

Sohn: School and county leaders must lead, not hide

Published Jan. 8 2016

It has taken two weeks for officials of Ooltewah High School and the Hamilton County Board of Education to take...

Sohn: Holt exemplifies Tennessee's shallow reaction to gun safety

Published Jan. 6 2016

Tennessee state Rep. Andy Holt, R-Dresden, sent a letter to President Obama on Tuesday, telling him to "take your gun...

Sohn: Looking forward to common-sense gun checks

Published Jan. 5 2016

Finally, President Barack Obama is taking the action that our do-nothing, know-nothing, care-for-nothing-but-themselves Congress members haven't had the courage to...

Sohn: No, Virginia, clean power doesn't cost more

Published Jan. 3 2016

The South is on a new energy trajectory. And it's a good one — for a change.