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Opinion - Times Editorials

Our students need investment now

Published Aug. 1 2015

When will Hamilton County and its residents get serious about better educating students and helping our children become more job...

The funerals are over, but closure is ongoing

Published Jul. 29 2015

The final funeral Tuesday for the servicemen killed in the July 16 attacks on two Chattanooga military offices brings an...

GOP field is trumpitized and trumpifying

Published Jul. 29 2015

It's a sad day for the Republican Party when Chris Christie is making more sense than the man leading the...

Are we helping extremists recruit our lost children?

Published Jul. 28 2015

In an ISIS-controlled territory of Syria two weeks ago, a 29-year-old woman raised in the Chattanooga suburb of Hixson who...

Healing Chattanooga, one life and brick at a time

Published Jul. 26 2015

How will Chattanooga mend its broken heart?

When will the shooting stop?

Published Jul. 25 2015

We have the same conversation about guns and public safety after every mass shooting in this country.

Gunning for safety? Military leaders say no

Published Jul. 24 2015

As painful as the Chattanooga shootings at two military facilities here have been, and despite the clamor sweeping the country...

What we see in the photos of Pluto

Published Jul. 22 2015

Last week, as Chattanooga was embroiled in planetary shifts of our own with an "active shooter" among us, the stunning...

The more we learn, the less we understand

Published Jul. 22 2015

This week, the FBI brought in 30 more agents to look into possible connections between international terrorists and a 24-year-old...

Looking for peace? Don't ask Steve Smith

Published Jul. 21 2015

As Chattanooga tries to make sense from the senseless violence of last week, many are still seeking that voice that...

Obama goes up against the mountain again

Published Jul. 19 2015

The Iran nuclear deal is just the latest in a long string of Obama successes and potential successes that Republicans...

Chattanooga shock moves to soul-searching

Published Jul. 18 2015

Chattanooga mourned anew for four U.S. servicemen Friday as we began to learn more about the men who were killed...

Tragedy will not define us, our city will heal

Published Jul. 17 2015

It was a tragic day in Chattanooga.

Give Iran deal a hard look and serious debate

Published Jul. 15 2015

A group of six nations led by the United States reached a historic accord with Iran on Tuesday.

Life and art imitate the racists of history and fiction

Published Jul. 14 2015

When heroes fall off their pedestals, they fall hard.

Pam's Points: What we pay our doctors for, and explosions vs implosions

Published Jul. 13 2015

Medicare, the federal program that insures 55 million older and disabled Americans, announced plans last week to reimburse doctors for...

A chapter in the final frontier

Published Jul. 12 2015

Come Tuesday morning, after nine and a half years of flying through the solar system at 31,000 miles per hour,...

New jobs and old politicans' tales

Published Jul. 11 2015

In just three short weeks, three auto manufacturing suppliers have announced plans to create more than 1,000 new jobs in...

The Civil War has ended where it began

Published Jul. 10 2015

South Carolina deserves great respect.

Let's hope we never need these, but we welcome local MASH units

Published Jul. 9 2015

If one can rationalize that disasters have silver linings, then North Alabama's new 50-bed Alabama Department of Public Health mobile...

Yet another train, yet more chemicals

Published Jul. 7 2015

Just when 5,000 or so evacuated Maryville residents thought it was safe to go home after a freight train chemical...

Pam's Points: Girl power, Trump, county leaders will always keep us entertained

Published Jul. 6 2015

Even before Sunday's World Cup final, the U.S. women's national soccer team was a hit in Chattanooga.

Tragedy highlights highway safety concerns

Published Jul. 5 2015

How many failures in our road safety enforcement system does it take before we pay attention to the details that...