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Opinion - Times Editorials

Sohn: Have gas fumes blurred Haslam's vision?

Published Aug. 31 2016

After campaigning to 'watch the weight' of state government, one of Gov. Bill Haslam's first efforts was in 2012, when...

Sohn: Don't blame Obamacare for insurance rate hikes

Published Aug. 28 2016

The efforts to sabotage the Affordable Care Act known commonly as Obamacare seem simply endless.

Sohn: Check your power bill and talk to TVA

Published Aug. 27 2016

Come October, your electric bill will go up — and not just because you turn on the heat or use...

Sohn: Clinton takes bigot label to Trump, alt-right

Published Aug. 26 2016

Some who claim to be conservatives have coined a new label for us: "alt-right."

Sohn: Along with tax returns, ask for Trump's real health record

Published Aug. 24 2016

Gosh, Donald Trump must "lack the mental and physical stamina to take on ISIS" or the presidency or even the...

Sohn: Want to blame media for Ooltewah? Bring it on

Published Aug. 23 2016

It is incomprehensible that Hamilton County Schools officials and members of the Board of Education would blame the media for...

Sohn: Warming planet, rising floods, meaner droughts

Published Aug. 21 2016

Here we are again, watching a weather disaster unfold as it swamps the lives of hundreds and thousands of Americans.

Sohn: Looking for ransom in all the wrong places

Published Aug. 20 2016

Was $400 million that belonged to Iran a ransom for American prisoners in Iran?

Pam's Points: Here's what happens when leaders don't work together

Published Aug. 19 2016

Driver education gets shorted, standing with the NAACP and alcohol sales in county parks.

Sohn: Where was 'extreme vetting' on Manafort, Trump?

Published Aug. 17 2016

Where was 'extreme vetting' when Donald Trump brought Russia/Ukraine consultant Paul Manafort onto his campaign team?

Sohn: How many children do 887 'least effective' teachers touch?

Published Aug. 16 2016

For years, we've heard educators extol the virtues of local teachers.

Pam's Points: Politics, Olympians and sad summer lessons

Published Aug. 15 2016

Donald Trump is laughing — and not sarcastically.

Sohn: The Riverwalk is investment in tomorrow

Published Aug. 14 2016

The Tennessee Riverpark just gets better and better.

Sohn: Lobby to stop abuse of Tennessee walking horses

Published Aug. 13 2016

In less than two weeks, the annual 11-day Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration is scheduled to begin in Shelbyville.

Sohn: Lawmakers need to revisit cable expansion limits

Published Aug. 12 2016

A federal appeals court decision limiting EPB's planned expansion of high-speed broadband to under-served areas outside EPB's Chattanooga service area...

Sohn: Testing believability one candidate at a time

Published Aug. 9 2016

Whom do we believe in this fractured election year?

Loftin: Trump defies the explainable

Published Aug. 8 2016

Of all the presidential campaigns in American history, this year's is the most surreal. Not because of the candidates' back-and-forth...

Sohn: Don't take your vote for granted

Published Aug. 7 2016

Some 16 years, our Supreme Court decided a presidential election by ruling on how votes were counted. This year, our...

Sohn: When our voter turnout equals voter flame-out

Published Aug. 6 2016

It's funny what looking at Hamilton County voting patterns over 24 years can show you.

Sohn: Voters looked for change in local races

Published Aug. 5 2016

Hamilton County voters largely hit the reset button on the Hamilton County school board in Thursday's election.

Times endorsements for Hamilton County general, Tennessee primary elections

Published Aug. 4 2016

Today is Election Day for Democratic and Republican state primary candidates and the general election for several Hamilton County posts....

Sohn: Getting the lead out of Moccasin Bend

Published Aug. 3 2016

Finally we have a new marker that work is continuing to remove a police firing range from Moccasin Bend to...

Sohn: When Trump says 'Believe me,' beware

Published Aug. 3 2016

You really can't make this stuff up. Not when it comes to the newest crazy thing Donald Trump says and...