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Opinion - Times Editorials

Red Clay celebrates the Cherokee: A people "all of one fire"

Published Aug. 29 2015

This fall marks the 177th anniversary of the Trail of Tears — a stain on America's conscience to be remembered...

Planners: Please speed up traffic congestion fixes

Published Aug. 29 2015

We knew traffic was bad and getting worse.

Sohn: Years and years and years of school failures must end

Published Aug. 28 2015

Stop the presses. Hamilton County Schools Superintendent Rick Smith said the school district can no longer neglect the importance of...

Beware of the GOP's stock market analysis

Published Aug. 26 2015

The U.S. stock market grew steadily for more than six years straight — the third longest bull market in U.S....

Why Trump keeps fooling the media

Published Aug. 25 2015

When will the national cable network media stop trumpeting Trump?

Sen. Corker is still wrong on Iran deal

Published Aug. 23 2015

Sen. Bob Corker was in the Times Free Press office Wednesday slamming his hands on the table and bemoaning the...

Shattered glass reminds us of recycling's three Rs

Published Aug. 22 2015

A number of Chattanoogans and area residents were taken by surprise last week to learn that at least some, maybe...

State's history is worthy of new library and archives

Published Aug. 21 2015

Tennessee as the state we know today has a rich history, dating deep back to the 1700s as settlers began...

When and how will we stop failing our schools?

Published Aug. 19 2015

Almost a year ago, on Sept. 18, 2014, Hamilton County Board of Education members raised their eyebrows and level of...

Opinion: County's CCA-operated jail proposal needs hard look

Published Aug. 18 2015

In June, Hamilton County Mayor Jim Coppinger announced the county is looking into having Corrections Corporation of America take over...

A gunman warped our history, now we must shape our future

Published Aug. 17 2015

A nation's broken-hearted father spoke Saturday to this broken-hearted city and to the broken-hearted families of five servicemen who died...

Melting glaciers and orange rivers scream for action now, not later

Published Aug. 16 2015

Twenty-one "youth plaintiffs" -- ages 8 to 19 -- sued the federal government on Wednesday, walking a first-of-its-kind constitutional claim...

Pam's Points: Tennessee politicians, please take Governing 101

Published Aug. 15 2015

Earlier this year, Tennesseans were cheated by Republican controlled legislative committees that refused to allow the state's General Assembly to...

Pam's Points: Weekend of tributes can lead to healing

Published Aug. 15 2015

The weekend will be full of Chattanooga Strong public tributes for five fallen servicemen killed here in a mass shooting...

Dionne: Jeb Bush's brotherly wager

Published Aug. 15 2015

WASHINGTON — Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton have a shared interest: Each wants to act as if the primaries are...

Show your support for improving our schools

Published Aug. 14 2015

Are you worried when you read or hear about poor standardized test scores in Hamilton County public schools?

Oath Keepers show 'white privilege' to Ferguson

Published Aug. 12 2015

Ferguson, Mo., continues to stand tall as everything other towns and cities do not want to become in the United...

Opinion: Please, Cleveland, cut the X-rated behavior

Published Aug. 11 2015

What's in the water in Cleveland, Tenn., and why are there so many sex scandals in the police department there?

'Cruz Country' stop brings out Sanders' signs

Published Aug. 11 2015

U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz stopped in Chattanooga on Monday as he spent the congressional recess politicking around the South.

School board members: Take this quick test

Published Aug. 10 2015

Here's a little quiz about Hamilton County schools and our board of education's anger over new state-mandated tests.

Shock is the real shock of Planned Parenthood flap

Published Aug. 9 2015

When doctors discuss slicing open a woman's chest, taking out her heart and replacing it with the heart of a...

Sen. Corker is wrong on Iran deal

Published Aug. 8 2015

In the morning-after fog of the first GOP debate, the only person looking more petulant and pouty than Donald Trump...

Indicted trucker: How many more times can systems fail us?

Published Aug. 7 2015

What part of trucker Benjamin Brewer's history did local authorities not appreciate when they let him go without charges following...