Expect to pay for pandering

Expect to pay for pandering

March 18th, 2011 in Opinion Times

Expect to pay for pandering

How outrageous it is for extremists to try making our president seem an outsider, capitalizing on his being black with an African name.

Huckabee stated that Obama was raised in Kenya, which he never saw until he was 26, and claimed he was influenced by his father, who deserted when Obama was 2 years old, and by the grandfather he never knew, to be a supporter of the Mau Mau rebellion in which neither of them had participated.

Equally ludicrous is the Christian radio confession of Newt Gingrich, who wants to be our president, that his hard work out of love for country led him to dump his cancer-ridden wife.

The American people are fair, and a heavy price can be expected for this absurd pandering.


Sewanee, Tenn.

Mullis proposals are bad business

I agree with the Times lead editorial (March 12) that legislation being sponsored by Georgia Sen. Jeff Mullis (R-53rd district) that would allow secret negotiations between state government and private corporations is a bad bill. Too many decisions made in the dark come to bear the heaviest burden on working class people and residential property owners. We should at least be able to see where it's coming from.

In another bad bill, Mullis is asking us to impose another 1 percent sales tax on ourselves to cover repairs to roads and bridges, something we're already paying.

Mullis was recently elected by the county boards (Dade, Walker, Chattooga and parts of Catoosa) to chair the Northwest Georgia Economic Committee at a $75,000/year salary and benefits. When asked about double-dipping in public funds, Mullis saw nothing wrong with that, saying he couldn't support his family on a state senator's salary. A suggestion about honest work as a supplement was made, but turned down by Mullis.

I can see the possibility of a morally and ethically challenged official using heavy-handed tactics ("I can be very friendly") to get a plum job like Mullis now has. I'm of the opinion that part of a district's representatives' responsibilities should be economic growth, but Mullis disagrees with that, too.


Trion, Ga.

Mullis seeks return to secret politics

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your March 12 editorial titled "Mullis' Shameful Legislation" concerning Georgia Senate Bill 159. Let's nip it in the bud.

To fully understand, you have to have at least a working knowledge of "The Chickamauga Mafia." Jeff had a good mentor who taught him the ropes. He has just served the local body politic their greatest gift - back to the smoke-filled-room governance! Boss Hogg would be right at home!


LaFayette, Ga.