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February 28th, 2013 in Opinion Times

What would the federal budget sequestration mean for our area?

Obama's plan comes home to roost! Instead of fixing he hypes, scares, propagandizes, and demands more taxes. FAIL!

- Randal Elliott

Oh lord, we better all pay more taxes so Congress can get another raise! Wake up morons they are playing us for fools.

- Bobby McLeroy

What's up with $5.2 million ANNUALLY to study goldfish behavior? Waste and pork MUST be eliminated!

- Caroline Talley

The only people complaining are the ones with their hands out.

- Scooter Hicks

Death, destruction, locusts!!

- Mike Willingham

It's the bed we have made here in America and its time to lay in it.

- Casey Wolff

To say the fault of this lies solely on Obama is ludicrous. I am no fan of the man but he is just the head of a big fat government that (takes advantage of) us at every opportunity.

- Chris Bond