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May 7th, 2013 in Opinion Times

Do you think Georgia should eliminate its income tax?

No. High sales taxes hit the poor disproportionately, as they have to spend a larger percentage of their income. A rebate system will lead to bureaucratic inefficiency, additional cost and fraud.

- Charles McCullough

Has anyone stopped to consider that under the Constitution of the United States of America, a state income tax is illegal?

- Ryan Tucker

I moved to Tennessee to get away from the income tax.

- Robert Wilcox

A fair tax in which you eliminate all other taxes and then institute a 20-25 percent tax on everything, would be the fair way to go. ... The tax would be divided among the state, federal and local levels. It would simplify the tax code, abolish the IRS and save taxpayers in the long run a substantial amount.

- Lonnie Henderson

Direct taxation of a person's income is nothing more than theft.

- Gary Patterson

I left Georgia six years ago and moved back to Tennessee. Haven't looked back. Georgia was eating my retirement up.

- Erbie Lyons