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May 14th, 2013 in Opinion Times

Seventeen teens were cited recently for underage drinking at a Signal Mountain house party. Do you think that police should send underage drinkers to jail?

Why send them to jail and waste our tax dollars? Cite and fine them unless other crimes are being committed

- Joshua Smith

If they let them off with a warning, they will more than likely do it again. I would rather have my kid arrested than have them hurt or kill someone.

- Nicole Czyz

Underage drinking is a joke. People can't distinguish between consumption and abuse. We might as well make cars and guns illegal because they, too, can be abused.

- Cameron Gaul

I think the parents of first-time offenders should have the chance to handle it at home before a stupid mistake ruins their record. But then again this is coming from a parent where my kids would rather go to jail than have the cops call their parents.

- LeighAnne Yarbrough

Send them to jail to teach them a lesson, but maybe no permanent record to haunt them the rest of their life.

- Andy Fowler

Sad thing is that jail is the answer to any violation of the law. Which is why we have such a huge jail population. ... How exactly is that going to fix the issue? Ruin their record and make it impossible for them to get a decent job.

- Casey Glover