Facebook Feedback

Facebook Feedback

May 29th, 2013 in Opinion Times

Comments from Facebook on the tasing of a LaFayette High School student.

"In his [the resource officer's] defense, if he touched them, he'd probably get sued for sexual assault."

- Mike Willingham

"They took paddling out of our schools, but, hey, tasing is appropriate? This makes me want to home school my children."

- Amanda Locke

"Where's a water hose when you need one?"

- Dana Cooper

"To those bashing the cop get over it. It Is easy for you to tell someone else how to do their job when you don't have to do it. They were fighting. He broke it up. It was not excessive; It was not mean. The girls were the ones wrong."

- Kurt Dennis Henkel

"In my opinion, tasing the girl was a bit too much. OC [pepper] spray could have been just as effective. ... I've worked in a juvenile facility where we didn't have Tasers, only pepper spray. This would have been an instance where pepper spray would have been used."

- Joshua Smith

"That is just too far! They are at school, no knives or guns, just a girl-on-girl cat fight! ... This [resource officer] needs to be working in the county lock up, not a school!"

- Deanna Jarrell

"Unnecessary use of force. Cops just wanna tase somebody. Heard a Hamilton County Sheriff saying he wanted to tase graduates 'getting too rowdy' at UTC's graduation last week."

- Tim Dungan

"I went to LaFayette in 2002-2004. I saw plenty of fights, both girl and guy. They were always broken up by being pulled apart. Very rarely were there instances of teachers or resource officers getting so much as a hair out of place by doing so."

- Brandi Nichole Pruitt