Candidates vie for District 3 Hamilton County school board post

Published Nov. 29 2016

The six candidates vying to represent District 3 on the Hamilton County Board of Education all agreed the most important...

Chattanooga City Council to consider tax break for partially burned textile mill site

Published Nov. 28 2016

A proposal to transform the abandoned and partially burned Standard-Coosa-Thatcher textile mill into affordable housing in return for a 19-year...

Demetrus Coonrod seeks District 9 city council seat

Published Nov. 26 2016

Demetrus Coonrod, franchise owner of JanPro and vice chairwoman of the Hamilton County Democratic Party, has announced her candidacy for...

Walker County's commissioner Bebe Heiskell tried to seize land from rival on the way out

Published Nov. 25 2016

On her way out the door, Walker County Commissioner Bebe Heiskell's efforts to take disputed property from an outspoken critic...

Anthony Byrd announces District 8 city coucil election bid

Published Nov. 25 2016

Chattanooga businessman and property owner Anthony Byrd has announced intentions to seek the City Council District 8 seat.

Anthony Byrd announces election bid for City Council District 8 seat

Published Nov. 23 2016

Native Chattanooga businessman and property owner Anthony Byrd has announced intentions to seek the City Council District 8 seat.

Commissioner Greg Martin sworn in

Published Nov. 22 2016

Hamilton County Commissioner Greg Martin took the oath of office this afternoon.

South Pittsburg board rejects rezoning ordinance that would favor low-income housing development

Published Nov. 22 2016

The South Pittsburg City Commission has rejected a rezoning ordinance that likely would have led to the construction of a...

Bradley County Commission to consider jail fix-it list

Published Nov. 22 2016

Bradley County, Tenn., commissioners want to take a closer look at county jail maintenance and staffing concerns.

David Crockett announces bid for Chattanooga mayor's office

Published Nov. 17 2016

David Crockett, a former three-term Chattanooga City Council member and Council Chairman, has announced he will run for the Chattanooga...

Hamilton County Commission to appoint school board replacement

Published Nov. 17 2016

Hamilton County Commissioner-elect Greg Martin will get to vote on his replacement on the county school board as soon as...

Longtime Jasper alderman bids emotional farewell [photos]

Published Nov. 17 2016

As his most recent term was set to expire this election cycle, longtime Jasper Alderman Steve Looney decided it was...


City Council vote lets Chattanooga movie theaters sell beer

Published Nov. 16 2016

Chattanooga movie theaters will soon be able to sell any brand of beer in addition to the liquor, wine and...

Letter accuses Bradley County sheriff of mismanagement, misuse of funds

Published Nov. 15 2016

Dissent and unrest among deputies and corrections officers in the Bradley County Sheriff's Office bubbled to the surface Monday in...

Greg Martin to take Hamilton County Commission seat before December

Published Nov. 14 2016

What happens now that Greg Martin, who serves on Hamilton County's school board, has won a special election for the...

John L. Kerns will seek District 9 council seat

Published Nov. 14 2016

John L. Kerns has announced he will seek the District 9 seat on Chattanooga's City Council in the March 9...

Dalton senator tapped to fill appeals court seat

Published Nov. 9 2016

Georgia's governor has appointed five people to fill vacancies on the state's appellate courts.

Georgia voters approve amendment to abolish judicial watchdog agency

Published Nov. 9 2016

Voters approved an amendment to dismantle the state's independent judicial watchdog agency, letting state lawmakers recreate the agency and exert...

Southeast Tennessee rural county contested races results

Published Nov. 9 2016

Results in most cases do not include provisional ballots and are unofficial until they are certified by the respective county...

GOP incumbent Fleischmann defeats Shekari

Published Nov. 8 2016

The Associated Press is calling the Third U.S. Congressional District contest for GOP incumbent Chuck Fleischmann.

Early voting supports wine in grocery stores referendums

Published Nov. 8 2016

Early voters have shown strong support for a pair of referendums expanding the number of Hamilton County municipalities where wine...

Three candidates take lead in East Ridge council race

Published Nov. 8 2016

In a crowded seven-person race for two city council seats in East Ridge, three candidates have taken an early lead...

'Ban the box' leads in early Chattanooga voting

Published Nov. 8 2016

Early voters are overwhelming in support of a "ban the box" amendment to Chattanooga's city charter.