Tom Weldon to formally end campaign next week

Published Mar. 26 2016

State Rep. Tom Weldon plans to formally withdraw from his re-election campaign Monday.

Berke taps Justin Holland for Administrator of Chattanooga Public Works Department

Published Mar. 25 2016

This week Mayor Andy Berke tapped Deputy Administrator of Public Works, Justin Holland, to take over the as Administrator of...

Law enforcement, officials contest DA Pinkston's claims about VRI meeting

Published Mar. 25 2016

Days after City Council members voted to subpoena him, District Attorney General Neal Pinkston announced he will not appear before...

Nick Wilkinson announces candidacy for 10th Senate District

Published Mar. 25 2016

Nick Wilkinson, deputy administrator of Chattanooga's department of economic development, announced Thursday he will run as a Democratic candidate for...

Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley admits making inappropriate remarks to staffer

Published Mar. 24 2016

Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley admitted Wednesday that he made inappropriate remarks to a top female staffer, but he denied accusations...

Fetal assault bill fails, law will be discontinued

Published Mar. 23 2016

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — A law allowing assault charges to be filed against new mothers for prenatal drug use will...

Bill to require background checks for buying guns killed

Published Mar. 23 2016

A House subcommittee has shot down a bill to require background checks for all gun purchases in Tennessee.

City Council votes to subpoena district attorney as gang-violence spat escalates

Published Mar. 23 2016

A simmering dispute about Chattanooga's Violence Reduction Initiative boiled over into an all-out political war Tuesday when the City Council...

Council approves additional funds for Wilcox Tunnel renovations

Published Mar. 23 2016

The Chattanooga City Council on Tuesday approved additional funds for the Wilcox Tunnel renovations.

City Council to subpoena District Attorney to answer VRI questions

Published Mar. 22 2016

Chattanooga city council members voted today to subpoena District Attorney Neal Pinkston to force him to come before the council...

Chattanooga City Council to consider $102,000 increase for delayed Wilcox Tunnel renovations

Published Mar. 22 2016

The Chattanooga City Council will consider today whether to approve a proposed $101,966 amendment related to water sealant treatments for...

Ga. Rep. Tom Weldon plans to withdraw from his race for re-election

Published Mar. 17 2016

His withdrawal means that Dewayne Hill is the only registered candidate for the District 3 representative seat in the May...

Former Trion mayor challenging Jeff Mullis for state Senate

Published Mar. 17 2016

The former mayor of Trion, Ga., has challenged 16-year incumbent Jeff Mullis for his state Senate seat, saying one of...

GOP primary in 4th Congressional District of Tennessee now a three-man race

Published Mar. 14 2016

It's now a three-man race in the Republican primary for the 4th Congressional District of Tennessee.

Another VRI leader leaves Chattanooga

Published Mar. 11 2016

Chattanooga's Public Safety Coordinator Paul Smith is leaving his position to take a job with the National Network for Safe...

School board meets for first time since deciding not to buy out Rick Smith's contract

Published Mar. 10 2016

The Hamilton County Board of Education met today at 4 p.m. for the first time since voting 5-4 Monday not...

Mayor Berke promotes Lacie Stone to senior adviser

Published Mar. 10 2016

Mayor Andy Berke has promoted his communications director, Lacie Stone, to a role as senior adviser.

Walker County Commissioner drops GOP to run as independent

Published Mar. 9 2016

After winning four terms as a Republican, Walker County Commissioner Bebe Heiskell will run for re-election this year as an...

101 Dalmatians are safe: Councilman drops effort to limit number of dogs Chattanoogans can own

Published Mar. 9 2016

If you were planning on re-creating the brood from Walt Disney's "101 Dalmatians," you can go right ahead — provided...

Mayor Berke creates task force to boost minority businesses in Chattanooga

Published Mar. 7 2016

Chattanooga Mayor Andy Berke is setting up a task force to boost minority businesses in the city, the mayor's office...

Rhea incumbent road chief loses, incumbents elsewhere in region victorious

Published Mar. 2 2016

Rhea County saw an upset in the race for road supervisor with the defeat of a longtime incumbent, while incumbents...


Sales tax gets thumbs up from voters in Dade and Catoosa counties

Published Mar. 1 2016

While the nation watched the Republican and Democratic presidential primary races on Super Tuesday, two counties in North Georgia made...

Bills tweaking Tennessee's Hall Income Tax get through subcommittee

Published Feb. 28 2016

While there is a strong inclination among Republican legislators to do something toward reducing or eliminating the state's tax on...